Creating an information product is just the beginning of the adventure. After the product is created you must distribute it, either by selling it, or by giving it away. Usually before you even create the product you know whether you want to give it away as a freebie as a gift for signing up for your email list, or if you want to sell it as a product. Therefore, using what you know create a buzz about your product.

Øð Countdown to launch -- Create a physical countdown to launch on your website, blog, social media sites, and in your signature line on forums. Inform your email lists first!

Øð Product Previews -- Mention aspects about your information product where appropriate on message boards, social networking sites and other places offering previews to a select few people.

Øð Testimonials -- Ask some movers and shakers within your niche to look at the product prior to launching. Offer them a sneak peak at the as yet unfinished product, offering them just a taste of what is to come.

Øð Create videos -- Movies have trailers and so can your information product. You can use a video camera, a webcam, or screen recording software to create a preview of the contents of your information product. Then place it on YouTube, your Blog, and anyplace that you can to get the word out about your launch date and your product.

Øð SlideShare -- Create a slide show and place on giving an outline about your information then at the end mention your launch date for the entire information product.

Øð Webinars -- Prior to launch, have a webinar. Use the slide show to go over the outline of what is in your information product. Give just a bit of information away. This is a good time to offer a discount to people who act fast. It’s also a good place to get affiliates.

Øð Social Networking -- Participate in social networking every day. Don’t constantly only promote your product, let your signature line do that, instead answer questions about your topic which can establish yourself as an expert so that by the time you launch people will be begging for what you have to offer.

Øð Prelaunch Specials -- When the product is finished don’t launch it yet, have instead a prelaunch, offering it at a very low price to a very select few. Include a file in the launch inviting them to talk about what they think about the product via response video to your trailer that you placed on YouTube.

Øð Affiliate Specials -- Offer affiliates a super duper percentage of sales for the first 25 sales, or offer a big bonus for 100 sales, or offer your affiliates a huge prize for 100 sales or more such as a free iPad.

By doing all of these things you will create a heightened excitement about your information product within your niche. When you finally launch your new information product the sales will shoot through the roof. It doesn’t matter if you’re new at doing this or not, if you have the drive to follow the steps you can be successful.

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