My name is Joshua Shoemaker as you probably already know by now. I will guess you came to this page to learn a little more about me. Well where should I start and where should I finish? Not quite sure but I want to clarify a couple of things first.

We all have struggled at some point in our life, some more than others. Some have been financially well of in the beginning, some of us have had great relationships, some of us where assholes and some of us were not. My point is we can all change, we can all do better, but you have to want it. I mean really want it, never give up.

Please do yourself a favor and go back and apologize to those you may have done wrong. If it was financially once you make it, go back and pay it off. I surely made some really bad choices when I was young, and still do today.

Would I like to go back and change them, no! They made me strong, they made me realize life isn’t easy. One of the greatest lessons I learned and still do to day is being humble.

I lost my father at a very young age, I hated God for years for that one (until I realized God doesn’t kill people). I had a pretty rough childhood, my mom was a single mother now. So growing up we didn’t have much. I was torn away from the people I loved. Allot more to the story but my point is, this put a deep burn inside me to want more out of life.

At the age of 12 I believe or even younger, I got an entrepreneur mind set. I shoveled snow, mowed grass, painted houses. Anything I could do to make a dime. Heck I even had a worm farm and sold night crawlers to the fishermen.

I hated school, I was always picked on. It wasn’t until I was about 18 years old things started to change. I was going to fail my Senior year if I didn’t get my shit together. I buckled down, I went to a tec school during school. I proceeded to get great grades and graduated.

After graduation, I got a job for Lowe’s. This is when I met my mentor, he was a real estate tycoon. Now mind you I did do work for him when I was younger. He came up to me while I was working and said hey would you like to do some odd jobs for me? I was like sure man I was so excited. This began the next chapter in my life.

So I continued to work for Lowes and would do side jobs for my mentor. I will never forget the day he really became my mentor. I was leaning out over a three story house painting this decorative wood work. He was on the stairs below me and look up and said ” Josh how would you like to become a millionaire?” Dam I about fell off the roof. I was lost in words, but uttered out “well yeah”.

He then proceeded to tell me how he had a book he wanted me to read by Robert Allen “How to build a Real Estate money Machine”. The next day, I went to the book store and bought it. I couldn’t wait for him to let me borrow his. Now keep in mind, I hated school and most of all I hated to read.

I started buying houses making good money, I was doing everything my mentor told me to do. Then after I had enough under my belt, I quit listening to my mentor. I call this my young, dumb and full of cum life. I turned into a jerk started walking over people, I didn’t care. I thought I had it all, I was a king.

Well I found out who the king was, I started making some very stupid decisions. Well I lost it all, I barely left with the shirt on my back. I got depressed, this haunted my success for years to come. At about this time the internet started to become a thing.

I worked several labor jobs for awhile, my mentor lost trust in me. I was down, started drinking doing more stupid stuff. Finally got married, things started to look up again. Found a decent job, eventually went out on my own. I started to read again, absorbing anything I could to be successful.

The problem was I kept letting my past haunt me, you know the saying “We can be our worse enemy”. Well let me tell you I was, I would get things so close to making money and quit.Eventually got a divorce and the next chapter in my life was about to began.

I reverted back to doing more stupid shit again, drinking not caring. I beat my self up even more, felt like a big loser. This was all about to change, when I met this attractive young lady (who is now my wife of 17 years as of this writing). She straighten me up, but I still could not let go of my past failures. We got married, bought a house, again I found a good job. We struggled and still do with things.

I started reading more, and more, found some good people to be around. I finally got right with God, started asking people to forgive me for the things I done in my past. I started feeling better about myself. Now for all the shiny object syndrome chapter in my life.

I probably have bought every product that has came out on the internet to make money online. I have wasted thousand upon thousand of dollars. The problem was me, I would get something built and so close. Then Bam my past failure would hit me, my relationship with my wife got bad. I blamed it on all kinds of things. Then I would see something else, it was like rinse and repeat for years.

Now don’t get me wrong some of that stuff probably could have worked. The problem was me, I didn’t want it to work.Finally one night I made a decision to change things. Now that lets me end with another chapter of my life. The rest will be history.

Let me give you another secret, you want to be a millionaire? Well here are a couple of keys that I have taken away from my past. It takes work, and you have to work it. You have to be dedicated to it, find one or two people you know that are doing it and stick with them. Eat, drink and sleep their system. It will happen and that is what changed me.

These three guys right here: John Thornhill, Omar Martin, and Anik Singal. These three guys are people you can trust, they have been around for a long time. Most importantly listen to their stories, what it took them to get where their at today. These guys no their shit, when it comes to internet marketing. Yes, yes, I know the good stuff they offer cost a little money. Let me ask you something, is it worth it or not?

Listen I believe in you, I know you are a winner, God doesn’t make losers. We just have to find that winning fire deep inside us. You have to want it, never give up. You Got This, I know it.

Find one thing and use that as your rock, your foundation. Find your passion, stick with it and what ever you do quit chasing five hundred other things. You will only get distracted from the thing you already have that will work.

Let’s take this online journey together and crush it!!
You Got This, Joshua Shoemaker