Many times the biggest obstacle to creating an information product is not talent or even desire, but rather the curse of perfection. While you want to create a professional product that provides value to your buyers, it’s not important that your product be completely perfect. Instead, it’s more important that your product gets out there. You’ve likely purchased information products that failed to impress and seemed to be useless and worse, scams. You can break the cycle by creating your own information product that provides your clients what they need.

In order to motivate yourself follow the steps:

1. Set a date — Even as you start to create your first information product it is a good time to set a launch date. There are many reasons to set a launch date, but two of the most compelling are that the date will light a fire under you so that you get the product done, and you will create excitement within your community while they wait for your information product to be completed and ready for purchase.
2. Create a plan — From your launch date work backwards on your calendar based on how many pages you need to write including time for creating formatting, creating sales pages, thank you pages, affiliate recruiting, and setting up your delivery method. Fill in the tasks that must be done each day in order for you to launch by the date you set.
3. Research — Take time to do some research for your information product, taking notes, and compiling information for the time when you sit down to write. You can create a working file on your computer where you save all your research and information so that it is easy to find when you sit down to write.
4. Outline — Simply create an outline of the information you wish to create. If you regularly write articles for article marketing sites, and blogs posts, then you can create an information product. After all what is an eBook or eReport if not a series of informative articles?
5. Forget formatting — Instead of worrying how your information product will look, right now, concentrate only on the content. You can make it pretty later or outsource the job to someone who knows how to make an information product pop.
6. Write it — If you’ve made a good outline simply fill in the blanks of the outline to create the rough draft of your information product. Alternatively you can outsource the meat of the book to a ghostwriter.
7. Make it pretty — After you’ve finished with all the content, editing it, or having someone else edit it now it’s time to make it pretty. Either work on formatting it yourself or hire someone who can do it for you. Don’t forget to get a professional looking eBook “cover” for your final product.
8. Choose your format — Once the information product is complete you can turn it into a PDF which is a Portable Document Format that allows for distribution, printing and viewing across many different types of devices without changing the layout of the design.

The very best way to motivate yourself is to have a plan and follow it. No one who has produced an information product already is better than you, the only difference between them and you is that they did it. You can too.

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