Creating an information product is an exciting step in your online business progression. But where do you get started? How do you decide what to create and do you really have the skill to create something that people will buy? Everyone has information that they know, which they can write down, and share with others. If you already have a blog, website or online business make a list of questions, concerns, fears, desires and wants of your target audience. This list will come in handy when you start to create your information products.

Pick a niche — Use the list that you created above to narrow down a topic that you believe your target market will be interested in learning more about. Make sure that your product fits in with your already established market if you already have an online business. If you don’t already have an online business do some research to find out what is in high demand, but has low competition and create products to fill those needs.

Decide on a format — Now decide what format your information product will be produced in. The easiest is an eBook which can be created in Microsoft Word or Open Office, and save in Portable Document Format (PDF) but you can also create the product in audio, video or podcast. Hint: Whatever you decide on now can be repurposed later into an entirely new format for added sales.

Create the product — You can write the information yourself or you can hire a ghostwriter. Sometimes you can compile private label rights (PLR) products into a compelling information product or include a combination of all three works too. Some people compile all their blogs from the past to create an eBook. Yet others plan it out and “blog” daily as a way to get their book written, then using a plug in for WordPress called Anthologize they combine those blog posts into a book.

Website — Once your product is created you will need a webpage or a sales page to promote your new information product. A really great program to use to do it is WordPress. Not, the blogging platform, but, the self hosted version. You can read about it here. Usually most people create a sales page, a download page, and a thank you page regardless of what type of product it is or how it will be distributed. It is advisable that you do the same. You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. There are many people who will create simple mini-sites inexpensively in which to promote your new information product.

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