Adsense is operated by Google. This is a method of advertising

that has become quite common on the internet. You will allow

Google to place advertisements on your website for them and for

other businesses. There is no cost to you. However, in exchange

for the space on your website these ads take up, you will earn

money each time a consumer clicks a link from an advertisement

on your website. This is a great way to generate some extra

income. The amount of money you earn will depend on the number

of ads you have on your site as well as the amount of traffic on

your website.

You may be saying this is too easy, what is the catch? It is

easy, but there is no catch. This is a great way for businesses

to get exposure in various places all over the internet. It also

helps them cut down on advertising expenses because they only

pay each time a consumer takes a link from a website. Most other

types of advertising cost a set amount regardless of if anyone

looks at it or not. This is a great method for new businesses

that have a low budget for advertising. The more traffic they

can generate to their site, the more profits they will make. In

turn they can afford to advertise more.

Adsense is a winning situation for everyone. Businesses use it

as a low cost way of advertising, website owners use it as a way

to earn money, consumers use it as a way to find other products

and services they are interested in, and Google uses it as an

effective way to earn more money. In fact, Adsense has become so

common you will find it on numerous websites just by surfing

around the internet a little bit.

Google has a great system in place to determine the best

advertisements to place on your website. They will place ads

that relate to your products or services offered but not direct

competitors. Google is able to determine market trends, customer

demands, and evaluate the best ads for your website based on

accumulated data that has been analyzed in those areas. This

means you have a very good chance of earning money because a

great deal of research has gone into determining what consumers

are after.

There are many places on your website that you can place Adsense

advertisements including your homepage, blogs, emails, and

anything else you wish to use. You don’t have to sell products

or services to benefit from Adsense either. You may have an

educational site or information site. Any type of website can be

used for Adsense. Remember that the ads will be fitting and

related to the type of website you operate.

The process of signing up for Adsense and start earning money is

very simple. Just go to You will need to fill

out some basic information on an application. Within 48 hours

you will get a response telling you if you were approved or not.

If you are not accepted you will need to contact them to get a

full disclosure of why. It is important to have the application

completely filled out as that is the number one reason why

websites are rejected. Other reasons include personal websites

that are not subjective enough and having a website under 15


Once your application has been accepted you will have to copy

and page an html code into the pages you want ads to show up on.

You can choose to display the ads vertically or horizontally on

your website. You can even customize the colors to make them

match your website better. Online help and customer service is

available 24/7 if you have questions or other issues.

To Your Success,

Joshua Shoemaker


Making money with Adsense is very possible and simple. The more

ads you place on your website and the more traffic you have, the

more money you will make. Adsense is very simple to set up and

you can choose to stop being a part of the process at any time.

The ads will be relevant to your website yet not direct

competitors. You don’t pay anything to become a member of

Adsense, so what do you have to lose?

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