Many bloggers eventually decide, after trying affiliate marketing and pay per click marketing to create their own information product. Information products are helpful, educational, informative and even entertaining. An information product can be in many forms such as an eBook, report, CDs, DVDs, Video, and Audio. You’ve created your information product and now you’re ready to tell the world! But first, you have to choose your distribution method. A distribution method is how you will get your information product into your customers’ hands.

There are many ways described below, this is not an all encompassing list, and you can use more than one method depending upon your product and your goals.

Free with newsletter sign up — Many people create their first information product in the form of a readable file that cannot be changed by others called a Portable Document Format (PDF). This format allows the reader to read your information product with all fonts, formatting links and photographs remaining intact viewable in the way that you want them to be viewed. Once someone signs up for your newsletter you can deliver this PDF file by autoresponder in email.

Paid product via Clickbank — Clickbank is a service that allows a business to sell their products, usually digital, using their service as the payment gateway. Additionally, distributing your information product via Clickbank allows other people to promote your product via the Clickbank affiliate program. This is an easy way for people new to information product distribution to get started. Directions about how and what pages to set up on your website are provided. But you’ll need a sales page, a download page, and a thank you page.

Via your own affiliate program — With the right software you can start your own affiliate program selling the product from your website. Many shopping carts have affiliate program options, and digital file download options, and there are a few WordPress plugin options as well. Using your own software to start your own affiliate program to distribute your information product from is a great way to distribute your product.

eBay — If you create a digital or physical information product you can sell it on eBay. You can set it up for bid or a buy now option. Many people look for deals on eBay so you might not be able to sell your product for as much but if you promote your affiliate program to purchasers via the files you send with the digital product it can be a good way to get fans for your new product.

Membership site — Once you’ve created more than one informational product a profitable way to distribute the information products is through a member’s only website. With some simple code, or a specialized plugin for WordPress like Digital Access Pass, you can build a subscription only website.

Your own website — You can also sell your digital informational product via your own website simply using PayPal. Create a sales page, a download page (or distribute via your autoresponder and email), and a thank you page and you’ve got it made.

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