As someone new to online business I’m sure you’ve purchased eBooks, reports, and all sorts of information online to help you improve or get started in business. But, how much of it was really worth the price? How much of it was truly useful? Would you buy it again or buy from that person again knowing what you know now? Likely not. Business owners have long known that the best way to build a business is through repeat buyers and the truth is, you can’t get repeat buyers if you sell crap to them.

The best way to build your online credibility, and thus build repeat business, is to provide useful information for a fair price. If you give your clients value for their buck they will recommend you to others, and your credibility will increase several times over. People believe in word of mouth, and the very best word of mouth you can get is having someone tell others that you provide useful information and services and that you can be trusted.

In addition to the useful information you provide in your blog posts, your article marketing, your other online content and informational products it is important that you provide your website or social media profile visitors accurate, up-to-date and useful information about you so that they can contact you if they need to. Nothing is worse than wanting to contact a website owner directly and not being able to find something as simple as a contact form on an entire site or blog.

Online business can be the answer to many people who want to work from home, but it can also be harder in some ways because you cannot always rely on people believing what you say, rather you must prove it. Prove that you’re honest by living up to your own hype. Prove that you’re credible by sticking by your word and your promises. Prove your credibility by providing customer testimonials, yet more useful information for your readers to use to determine if they can trust you enough to open their wallets.

Another way to provide useful information is to share about who you are. Who is your company? What is the name of your business? Is it a real business? Can they call your local licensing office and determine if you’re a real business or not? Is there a telephone number where you can be reached? How about a physical address? (Hint: Get a Skype number that goes to voice mail and a P.O. Box). These are all factors that tell someone that you’re trustworthy, credible and worth taking a chance on. Don’t leave any of it out to chance if you want to be successful in online business.

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