Instagram has evolved from a photogenic, cool kid’s app to a more sophisticated, brand driven arbiter of visual content. It not only has become a hub for marketers but it also helps them in earning genuine leads by interacting with their prospects.

Instagram live has recently gained a lot of popularity since it now allows users to share live incidents and save them too. People get attracted towards live video as compared to the prerecorded video and brands are incorporating this move into their marketing strategies too.

Using Instagram live stories as a lead generation tool will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Your followers get notified whenever you start a live video and they can see it in their story section. The following are some of the ways or tricks that you can use to generate quality leads from Instagram Live Videos.

  • Create a sense of exclusivity and tease your customers:

Instagram live videos, are not permanent and have a sense of urgency, which people need to watch it before it ends, due to this it gets special attention. And thus, Instagram becomes a great platform for marketers to tease customers about their latest products or services.

From the live videos, you can lead your viewers to another platform, like to your website or to a full video, to increase the number of leads you get. You can do this with the “Swipe Up” tool to lead your followers to know more about your brand or product.

  • Showcase your company with Q&As:

Q&As are a popular subject for live videos; they not only offer value but also drive higher customer participation. When you promote a Q&A before the broadcast, you can request users to submit questions ahead of time, so that all their questions get answered before the video ends.

If you promote your planned Q&A broadcast ahead of time, you could have your audience submit their questions on a form before the live stream takes place.

This allows you to get their emails in exchange for answering their questions live and you could send them reminder emails before you go live, to ensure that they don’t miss a bit of it.

  • Expand lead collection by promoting a social contest:

Contests offering free assured gifts, are all time favorites of people and are an excellent way to get leads by holding it on social media networks. It’s a fun-way to work out contests on Instagram Live, since they will only be shown for up for 24-hour hours, which once again creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, that motivates more people to join the contest.

Create contests that highlight your brand or a new product. Social media contests are the easiest and most convenient way to give people taking part in the contests an idea about what your company does, this increases engagement rates and the chances of getting new prospects.

Some of the best practices that one must follow before going live on Instagram are,

  • Test sound and video quality
  • Add a pinch of humor and make it exciting
  • Announce it beforehand so that your prospects don’t miss it

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