When it comes to social media marketing, it’s not the product, it’s the solution to a problem which needs to be sold. Instagram with over 500 Million users has become a social media platform hard to ignore.

With the advent of time, Instagram is not only a social platform for exchanging media amongst friends, it has become a business necessity. Many brands are already involved with this, but still there are many who are finding ways to interact with the Instagram community and earn targeted leads, who come again and again to them.

New to the world of Instagram marketing, here are the top 5 ways that would enable you to skyrocket sales of your online store.

  1. Run a campaign or contest:

Running a campaign or contest over Instagram is a great way to get brand recognition and to incentivize your followers. You can run a photo contest and give your followers some merchandise as a gift.

Getting started with running Instagram Contests is quite an easy to do task:

  • Select the right incentive
  • Pick a campaign hashtag which is both unique and simple
  • Have a theme that creates a focal point for your campaign
  • Aggregate and display the content online

Providing giveaways and incentives to contestants is a great way to build engagement and value.

  1. Send free samples to Instagram influencers:

Undoubtedly, Instagram has become an effective marketing channel that helps in getting better engagement, higher traffic and increased brand recognition.

Sending free samples to influencers is an easy to implement strategy that can help you “borrow” some traffic from the popular Instagram accounts in your niche. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find top Insta Influencers of your niche
  • Contact Instagram influencers
  • Send out your samples

It allows you to send out a couple emails and get your product in front of literally thousands of followers in no time.

  1. Include an informative and interesting bio that hooks followers:

Before becoming your Insta Follower people go through your profile/ bio. Make sure that you have a catchy and informative bio. Through your bio, convince them that you will add value to their feeds through content.

Include your business name and a concise description of what you do. Keep it light and interesting, and avoid a salesy tone. Craft a bio that appeals to the IG community you want to reach and reflects the tone of the images you plan to share.

Still in doubt, follow this trust worthy formula, who you are + what you do + a pop of personality.

  1. Promote your products with creative, professional photos:

67% of consumers consider detailed images to be more valuable towards making their purchase than the product information or even ratings from other customers.

The power of product images has been incomparable when it comes to selling online. Instagram’s visual platform takes that power to the next level.

Choose attractive color combinations while clicking product images or you can get help from professionals who can make your product the star of Instagram feeds.

  1. Use hashtags that help:

Hashtags increase the chances of you getting found. When used properly, hashtags are a great way to find your right audiences, expand your reach and build your brand or community.

Before using hashtag so consider following things:

  • What’s trending
  • What you competitors are using
  • What your brand represents

Instagram is all about getting your brand and posts discovered by the right bunch of people and at the right time. Experiment with posting frequency and timing to know when your customers are most and least active. So, create a strategy that complements what you’re following on other channels for maximum results!

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