Everyone will always push you to invest your time and money in a niche that is popular and highly targeted by men and women around the globe. That is indeed a wise decision, and you will follow along by choosing to work your way through the niche and become a big fish that has as many followers and supporters as a bigger fish. Over time the goal will be to grow and eventually become one of the biggest fish. That sounds perfect, but the question of “how?” always seems to be an impossible question to answer.

Here is the answer. Do not try to work from the bottom up. Do not try to follow suit and listen to the bigger fish as they pass along their ideas. Do what you want to do and contribute to the niche without conforming to those around you. What you will find is that your ability to maintain originality and authenticity will be the number one factor that contributes to your success.

Just think of what happens to the other competitors. (the other fish) Each has their unique colors and design that make them stand out, but they fear the response they will get by showing their unique colors and design, so they do whatever it takes to conform to those around them. Eventually, they swim around as an entire school of colorless fish that are only separated by their size. By defying the norm and doing your own thing you will be a bright and overall refreshing sight for the audience. You will be the bright red fish that shocks the other grayish fish.

Think about what it would be like to be a fitness blogger. There are millions of men and women that dedicate their time and effort toward being fitness bloggers, and they do exactly what those around them do. Once again… a tactic that only leads to a gray fish. You want to be a bright red fish. So what do you do?

You shake things up and release videos that show your unique personality and your odd mixes of food that never go together Before long you make a name for yourself as one weird cat. However, that is precisely what you want. (the more attention, the better) Think of being different in everything you do. Websites, names of your brands, workout routines, diet plans, etc…

Using a URL to your advantage is certainly a good idea though. For example, “EatTheFrog.com” might sound like one of the strangest places ever, but it sits in the mind and never leaves. Seriously, you will never forget “EatTheFrog.com.”

Another tactic to make yourself stand out is to create a nickname for yourself. Do not think regular stuff and choose something that everyone else would choose. Remember, the entire point of this conversation.

weird = memorable. Below are just some ideas to help you see what I am talking about:

Farming could be Farm Girl
Truck driving – The Mad Truck Driver
Ex Military Soldier Sue or Sailor Sam.
Physical features – The Redhead
Hobbies – Ski Fanatic
Foods You Love – Tony Bagels

Just keep in mind that you nickname will lead to everyone asking how you got it. Answering that question with “I just thought of it” is a major let down that really disappoints everyone. The nickname has to have a story behind it. The best method of answering the question is by saying “I used to be a ______ ” or I am a “______ that likes _____.” Just combine your interests with former or current occupations.

After all of this, you should be a bright and bold fish that is immediately different from all the other gray fish in your niche. Being a fish that is MEMORABLE is the goal, and once you begin making a name for yourself, the word of you will spread faster and faster because of your originality. In other words, you are branding yourself to make yourself memorable and memorable is good!

Joshua Shoemaker


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