Bloggers are crucial when it comes to spreading the word about your company and the revolutionary products or services that it offers. The problem is that every famous blogger has boat loads of requests to do exactly what you want them to do.

The question you are left asking is “how does someone get exposure from bloggers?” Well, these seven tips will certainly increase your chances of success:
1. Ignore big blogs. It seems like everyone is asking the largest blogs to write about them. Exactly what you don’t want to do! You need to learn from the error of everyone else and act accordingly, which means you need to find blogs in your niche that are getting attention, spot the best 20-50 of them, and try to get their attention. Your odds of getting a response are much better, and you will likely find that more than one will gladly take you up on your offer. By doing this, the word about you gets out much quicker, and you have the potential to show up on the radar of the men and women at the very top. You might even choose to get creative and reach out to major publication and journalists. However, it is probably best to do that after reaching out to the other people.

2. Pitch At the right time. Subscribe to the blog you want to pitch to and read their content. You can track where each of these bloggers hangs out at online by tracking their comments on other blogs through You first have to get to know them and take an interest in what they do. That is how you will significantly increase the chance of you influencing them.

3. Be active. Do not be afraid to tweet their posts or post thoughtful responses to works they create. Doing this will help them recognize you, so you are not some “strange person” when you pitch to them. Make sure you do not overdo it by cherishing them as the most intelligent people on the planet. That will likely hurt your chances of being a respectable person to work with.

4. Crawl first. You do NOT want to send them a lengthy anything, whether it be a note or an article that they wrote. Send them a subtle to the point note perhaps recommending an idea for their blog. (50-100 words)

5. Respond to the response carefully. After getting a response, it might be tempting to unload on them with all the information and the plans you have. However, you need to retrain yourself and use bullet points and links to get your point across. You can even tweet at them if you feel you need a little bit of help restraining your words count.

6. Do you write for them? This another huge mistake everyone makes. They offer to write the article for them and form a bad relationship with the person from the start. Use the bullet points and links, but do not offer to write the article for them. However, if they ask you to then you should go for it.

7. Push that thing to the limit. Once they release the blog that was only produced because of your involvement you need to make sure they know the work was worth it or that you are a person that has valuable ideas. The best way to do that is to get as much publicity as possible by sharing it on Facebook, tweeting about it, telling your loyal followers about it, etc… The massive number of views and overall comments will make your case for you.

Joshua Shoemaker

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