Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #10:You Must be Wary of Scams

Sad but true scams have become very much part and
parcel of everyday media exposure today. Most
people who are desperate for quick cash or a job
often fall for these unscrupulously advertised
opportunities. Some seemingly innocent job
advertisement can eventually end up being an
absolute nightmare for those who get taken in by
the promises made.

Pay Attention

Some of the more popular phrases to be aware of
when it comes to detecting possible scams are:

?Work from home opportunities ?Work in your
pajamas ?Make a ton of money doing virtually
nothing ?Get rich quick schemes ?No experience

Another element to be alert for is the request
for too much personal information. As a rule
personal information should not be given out
easily as implied by its title, the said
information is meant to be personal. Therefore if
the websites or job sites are requesting for an
unusual amount of personal information the alarm
bells should start ringing.

If a job listing is rather vague in its
requirements and especially if the job does seem
to merit a certain degree of skill yet that skill
in not a prerequisite in the application then the
job availability is probably close to zero. Even
more evident that the job is a scam is when a fee
is requested from the applicant.

Wrapping Up

Remember: Many people have had the misfortune to
fall prey to supposedly lucrative work
opportunities abroad. These advertisements are so
cleverly worded that they do seem rather genuine.
Unfortunately in almost all cases these
advertised jobs are either nonexistent or a
disguise for other illegal occupations.

Therefore when looking for business opportunities
that are home based or even any other types of
opportunities, one must always be weary of the
possible negative elements that could be hidden.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #9:Learn From The Success Of Others Businesses

When venturing to a new endeavor it is always
wise to have some sort of bench mark to measure
against in order to ensure a certain level of
success. This can come in the form of learning
from the successes of others.

What Are Others Doing

People who succeed in their respective chosen
fields usually have some sort of plan, purpose,
ideal, or formula they live by in order to
maintain the edge and achieve the success they

These often tried and true methods are invaluable
and certainly wise to try and emulate. However it
should be noted that in doing so, one should
always bear in mind the probable limitations
involved in actually trying to emulate an already
successful formula.

Following the styles of already successful
people, can work as an inspiration towards trying
to achieve the same or similar results in one’s
own home base business.

Learning the details and applying them into the
daily life of the business will help to keep the
focus on the goal of attaining the success
portrayed by others.

Besides this it also helps the new home business
owner to avoid the possible pit falls that cause
the focus and efforts to be derailed. These pit
falls that are made known and consciously avoided
can contribute hugely to the success and
perseverance of the whole exercise of venturing
into the home business environment.

Sometimes being able to relate to the success of
others, it helps to provide the much needed push
towards attaining the similar success for one’s
self. Also by observing how the success was
pursued from possible dismal initial start ups,
to the current success helps the new home base
business owner to continue to keep up the efforts
until the desired results are reached.

In the next lesson you will learn about the scams
you should be aware of while you are trying to
take up home based businesses.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #8:Use Forums And Reviews For Feedback On Businesses

In order to stay relevant and successful in the
business world there should be some sort of
feedback available to bench mark the services or
products sold. These feedbacks can be gotten from
various sources. The most popular form of getting
the most current feedback on a product or service
would be via the many media tools available
today. The more popular media tools would include
the use of forum and reviews.

Get Feedback

Through a good portion of these forum and reviews
are usually based on personal experiences from
either using the products or services of a
particular company, there have been some very
negative users of this fairly free form platform.

The abuse of this media style to spread
negativity can sometimes cause serious damage to
the up and coming home base businesses.

Therefore it would be prudent to note that not
all the information gathered from the forums and
reviews are done in a solid and unquestionable
style. Integrity is not always the key word in
mind when the idea is to tarnish or cause
unmerited harm to the home base business

However on a brighter note, these reviews and
forums can provide the very vital feedback for
home base business to encourage self examination
in order to improve and increase revenue. It also
allows for the further exploration into the
business, in order to provide the end user with
better services or products.

The home base business owner can also use this
platform of gaining “free” advertisement for
their relevant items.

This of course is a huge plus point for those who
are operating with a minimum budget and thus
having the advantage of free advertising is
welcomed. The more people become aware to the
presence of a particular home base business, the
better the exposure of the product or service
will be.

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can learn from other’s successes.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #7:Will The Company You Choose Provide Training

If the choice for a home business is made in an
area which is quite unfamiliar to the individual,
then the responsibility lies with the individual
to enquire about the various elements being
offered for participation.

Find Out

Because most home based business require the
complete participation of an individual, there
could be an offering to train the said individual
tagged to the sale of the home based business.
Some home based businesses require a certain
amount of training either in the use of their
products or in the effectiveness of the sales

If both elements need specialized training, then
the onus is on the company selling the home based
business modules, to provide the adequate and
completer training necessary for the success of
the business.

Sometimes the principals of the home business
modules are quite particular as to how their
services or products are sold. If this is the
case then the training process is not only
included in the purchase of the said home
business but also can be made compulsory. This is
to ensure the sale of their products or services
follow a uniform style in terms of the sales
pitch and delivery.

If one ventures into an area that is new and a
little confusing it would definitely be wise to
seek some sort of training which should ideally
be provided by the host of the business module.

Also this training should be given at the onset
of the purchase made. However there are some
companies that don’t provide the training needed
to familiarize its potential home business
partners and thus this sort sightedness can have
negative repercussions. In order to fully
understand and promote the item of the home base
business the training provided should not be
optional but compulsory.

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can use forums and reviews for feedback on

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #6:What Skills Do You Already Have

When considering the idea of venturing into the
home business field, an individual should
consider endeavors that are leaning towards using
the skills already available. In doing so, the
first important element, which is cost, which may
be the training needed, is immediately a non

What Can You Do

By using the skills already within the make up of
any individual, the said individual is able to
tap into a resource that has already been firmly
established. In most cases this skill was either
acquired through some sort of training or perhaps
even through exposure or maybe through the trial
and error processes.

Also the possibility of the individual being
passionate about a particular skill will be an
added advantage to keeping the zest alive and
burning throughout the said project.

When someone is considered skillful in a
particular area, this skill becomes evident in
how the project is handled and completed. The
skill levels required and shown can eventually
facilitate more business referrals and thus cause
the skillful individual to be able to reap the

Also where the skill is evident, other project
participant will be able to work harmoniously and
productively to achieve the common goal of
completion. There are also times where people
really do not realize the possible skill they
possess, thus by exploring the various
possibilities available one will be able to
identify something that can attest to the
individual being skillful about.

Therefore being open to trying as many things as
possible, will eventually allow the individual to
make a fairly informed judgment call on the skill
he or she possess.

Though not an important prerequisite, having
skills does denote a certain amount of confidence
for a particular expertise which in turn boosts
the confidence of all those involved.

In the next lesson you will learn about if the
company will provide you training for the home
based business.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #5:Understand How Much Time Will Be Required And How Much You Can Put In

Time waits for no man, is the very popular phrase
often used in the business world. For most
business practices, time lines are very important
and almost always non negotiable. These time
lines are forecasted for several reasons, some of
which are to keep the project profitable, on
track and completed.

What Can You Devote

Therefore understanding the time line required
for a particular project will help to set in
motion all the various different section that
needs to be coordinated in order to achieve the
common goal of completing the project

These different aspects of the project must be
made evident in order for a realistic and
accurate time line to be set. Though not commonly
or openly acknowledged, most projects do include
a time lapse period for unforeseen problems that
may arise during the course of the project

After this accurate time line is explored and
eventually firmly decided, the individuals
participating in the project have to make certain
decision. These decisions should include the
following points:

?What percentage of a daily time frame of those
connected to the project are ready to commit?

?This is then extended to how much time per week
will the commitment require should any problems
arise within the project frame?

?What realistic time frame can be expected from
each individual participating in the discussion
sessions before the actual project begins?

?Will the ratio of each participant match the
others or will the time committed only depend on
the individual’s particular section he or she is
involved in?

All these various time line projections, then
needs to be streamlined, in order to “paint” a
clearer picture for commitment that is expected.
With this now in place all those involved can
decide if they are capable of making the said

In the next lesson you will learn about how you
can assess the skills you already have.
Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #4:Know How Much You Have To Invest And How Much you Want To Make

Identifying the possible home based businesses
available and marketable today is the first
necessary step to perform. When this is narrowed
down to a comfortable figure, then the process of
elimination commences until the most ideal choice
is made. It may take a while before the choice is
narrowed down to a couple of plausible options
but the elimination process is both prudent and
necessary to ensure the merited focus is given.
The Finances

Once the choice is narrowed down to about two
different options then the next step can begin to
take place. This step of course is the all
important cost that is going to be incurred when
starting up the chosen foray.

This investment cost must be broken down to the
minutest details to ensure the most accurate
costing of the project is done. Every possible
fact should be considered and costed into the
general investment plan as no one likes to be
faced with expensive hidden costs once the
project takes off. Once the basic costing is done
for the intended investment another aspect that
requires equally serious consideration is the
profits one can be derived from the investment
itself. This of course will depend on quite a few
other factors. Some people start up home
businesses with the focus of making it their core
income earner while others may just do it for
some extra cash and still others may just do it
for fun, though this is indeed very rare.

Those that go into home businesses and expect to
support themselves through the earnings or
profits derived, have to work out the target they
need to reach in order for this to be effective
business revenues. These targets should be
realistic and workable with enough leeway to
advance into a higher earning capacity.

In the next lesson you will learn about how much
time will be required and how much you can put in.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #3:Make A List Of your Top 5 Subjects And Research The Business Opportunities

Most people are motivated by the potential money
remunerations or by the passion they have for a
particular choice made on the home business
scene. Though having these elements to keep the
business choice alive is important, there are
also other contributing facts that should be
considered when deciding on a suitable home
business endeavor. Your Top 5

Here are some ideas and the possible research
style or material that links the two:

?Choosing at have an online business can be quite
rewarding and interesting. Besides the more
obvious reasons of having minimal overheads,
there is also the fact that there is virtually no
limit to the type on online businesses available.
Being internet savvy is advantageous but not
necessarily a prerequisite. There are so many
options available and all it takes is a little
time and effort to find one that is suitable and

?Choosing to start a home business that provides
the services of supplying food is also a
rewarding endeavor. Individuals who are
passionate about food may choose to go into this
field. Having the necessary culinary skills is
also an added advantage as it can cut out the
cost incurred of having to hire someone to do the
actual cooking.

?An online writing home business is another
popular choice to make. A lot of companies are
willing to pay good money to have articles
written in the various media tools available. It
is also a good way to keep abreast with the
latest information.

?Starting an eBay style website is also another
income earning option. Doing some research to
understand the market requirements would help to
unsure the product chosen are salable.

?Another easy and rewarding money earner is
venturing into the teaching line. Giving tutorial
allows the individual to put to work all the
information learnt in his or her own academic
life. If imparting knowledge is one’s forte then
this is an exciting area to explore.

In the next lesson you will learn about
identifying the possible home based businesses
available and marketable today is the first
necessary step to perform.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #2: Learn Exactly What Excites You

There are several reasons why people chose to
start home businesses. Some may consider this
option because of the potential earnings it could
garner, while others may do so because of the
flexibility of time it allows. Whatever the
reasons may be, one should always be as well
informed as possible before embarking on any
endeavor to ensure the end results are both
beneficial and successful.


In order to keep the home business relevant there
are several issues that should be addressed and
be made aware of, when still at the considering
stage. Perhaps the most important question to ask
is the motivation behind choosing to start a home

Knowing this reason or reasons behind the
motivation to start a home business is a very
important and significant factor that will
eventually dictate the success of the endeavor.

Finding out what excites and is likely to
motivate is worth the effort. Half the battle is
won when there is a positive mind set tagged to
the home business endeavor. Most people are able
to work well and stay motivated if the chosen
home based business style is suitable and
comfortable for them.

Besides the fact that there are many positive
elements about this particular style of business,
understanding its individual requirements and
being prepared to undertake the responsibility
these may require, factors prominently in the
success ratio.

Most home based businesses depend very much on
the personal commitment the individual is
prepared to exercise. Therefore being passionate
about the choice of home business is also
paramount in ensuring its success and staying
power. Before embarking on any home business
endeavor the individual should make a list of all
the things that excites and satisfies him or her.
Upon doing so, it then becomes clearer and easier
to justify the choice of home business made.

In the next lesson, you will learn about what
motivates people to take up home based businesses.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


Dream Job Pyjamas Lesson #1: Intro To Home Business Models

Because the idea of setting up a home business is
to generate a reasonable income, the question of
viable options available should be carefully
considered. The particular expertise or service
intended to be marketed should be salable in
nature. The Basics

Besides this the business module chosen ideally
should be in the individual’s area of expertise,
as this is a very important feature that will
contribute to the success or failure of the
endeavor. Having the necessary skills or
knowledge to pursue this particular home business
option is what gives the individual the edge in
the market place to stand out and be noticed.

Another point to consider is that whether or not
the item or service sold is something that would
be needed regularly and consistently. Having a
home business that does not require repeat sales
is actually putting a lot of unnecessary pressure
on the individual. This dictates the sales
patterns towards seasonal or perpetual.

Considering the general economics of the business
environment and the effect it would have on the
home business is very important. Most home
businesses depend on a certain amount of
consistency and if this consistency factor varies
too much and too frequently, then the end income
base will not be a bankable feature.

Choosing a home business module what keeps the
motivation levels at all time highs is also
another every important consideration. If there
is a need to constantly self motivate then there
would also be the very real danger of the zest
required to make a success of this home business
to be in constant jeopardy.

In the next lesson you will learn about why
people choose to start home businesses.

Until Next Time,

Joshua Shoemaker


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