There are many, many ways in which Instagram can be exploited to help our business and social networking activities. The following are some of the advanced marketing strategies that you can test by yourself.

  • Snap your Photos and videos using apps other than Instagram itself.

While it is true that Instagram’s built-in application for taking pictures is powerful enough to let you post professional looking content in mere minutes, it is also true that some of its functionalities can be limited or outright outdated.

We recommend you use apps like the “Camera MX”, VSCO, Afterlight, “VIDEOCAM ILLUSSION” and XnExpress, which allows you to take your pictures, edit them and then save them to your gallery to use later as Instagram content.

“VIDEOCAM ILLUSSION” is a powerful application that will let you edit videos in real time and create effects like time lapse, transitions and hyper lapses without the need to use separate video editing software.

  • Use Instagram’s EXPLORE feature to take advantage of trending hashtags

You can use the EXPLORE feature to search for popular keywords and to measure how well a given keyword would be as a hashtag. However, it turns out that we can go further with this strategy.

By paying attention to recent events, days in the calendar and other popular stuff, you can use trending hashtags and your imagination to promote products, even if they’re not related to the keywords in question.

  • Create your own shareable content

It may sound obvious, but you need to set your own content apart from the usual pictures and videos. Using inspiration from graphic arts, and using the apps that we have been recommending, you can tap into potential that you may not have known you possessed.

Even using Instagram’s built-in features can be a good start. One trending advertising strategy being used right now on Instagram is to create stop-motion animations to tell a story about a product or service.

  • Encourage user competitiveness

Encourage your followers to participate in creative activities from time to time. If you are a sports retailer, encourage them to post pictures of a marathon. If you are a cake decorator, encourage your followers to inspire you.

Although we have talked about creating a sense of community before, this is about creating a sense of playfulness and competition. You’re most creative and most energetic followers will be pleased by this and will drive traffic to your account to show off what they’ve done!

  • Work with Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers are a growing trend in the industry. These vocal Instagram users have created a wide audience and are now working as Influencers. Influencers can promote your products or services and help you reach out for a bigger audience in record time.

In other words, Instagram Influences are social media celebrities that will sponsor your products and let the world know about them. With an already established audience counting in the millions, this is perhaps the most effective way to make your business grow super-fast.

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