Most of us have problems achieving what we
desire. Have we ever given a thought, as to why
it is unachievable?

Instead of looking for problem within us, we keep
blaming everybody around us for our failure. You
will blame your country’s economic system,
parents, siblings or even the president but will
not try to see what are you lacking? Altering
Your Life

Could there be a simple way to achieve what you
desire, have you ever thought about it? Basic and
honest answer is “When you believe in something,
you get it”. This is applicable for every facet
of your life. It includes your, relationship,
physical wellbeing, career and so on.

Many of us do not realize that, by changing our
thought pattern we make positive changes in our
life. In addition, because of this they are
facing problems throughout their life.

Most of you perceive yourself as what others like
to make you believe. If you keep on listening to
the negative feedback, you will end up making a
practice of letting people judge you. You have to
listen to your inner voice to follow the correct
path and not what others tell you. You are
responsible for your life and not others.

Try to understand what you really want and work
towards accomplishing it. Get rid of all the
negative thoughts and bring positivity in your
thoughts. Make all this changing the right away.

Always manifest the best for yourself and your
loved ones.

Here is a technique for you to try:

1.Think about something/some situation in your
life that you would like to change instantly.
Lead all your thoughts to this situation.

2.Following the above keep thinking about you and
start believing in what you want. Recreate the
details and circumstances by forming an image of
it in your mind.

3.Whenever you are in a calm state of mind,
concentrate on that change. You should do this as
often as it is possible for you. Your unconscious
mind will develop a habit of imaging the
situation which you desire.

4.With this positive thinking, you will observe
the changes that occur in your physical world.

Once you put positive thinking in your life,
money, people and thoughts and so on will help
you reach your goal as if by some magic. Positive
change’s show their power in this way.

Once you start thinking positively, keep tab of
every little change that is happening in your
life. Therefore, you can see, it is very simple.

Therefore, you have stopped negative thoughts
from entering your mind. However, this may not be
very easy because people around you can bring the
negativity in your life and in your thoughts,
this people may include your spouse, relative,
your friend or so. If possible, try to bring some
change in them by showing them what changes have
positive thinking has bought in your life.

The best way to take advantage of positive
thinking is by using all the methods for leading
a satisfying and blissful life. Get yourself a
like-minded friend or a guide.

In the next lesson you will learn what your
restricted beliefs about money are and how it is
hampering its influx in your life.

Until then,
Joshua Shoemaker

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