Whatever goal you set, you can achieve it, this
you need to keep reminding yourself to be

If you have some restricted thinking about money
you will never be able to accumulate wealth.

Here we will try to find out, what your
restricted beliefs about money are, and how it is
hampering its influx in your life. Think Big

You will find out about the negative thoughts
that do not allow free flow of money into your
life and stop you from gaining wealth, with help
of the theories that I am going to put forward in
this book. It you use them in your life nobody
can stop you from being affluent.

You have strong resistance towards money if you
are not at ease following any of the few

You will have to ask yourself why you are not
comfortable carrying out the suggestions, as this
will help you come out of the limited thinking
beliefs about money.

While going through the steps, you may not be
comfortable doing some of them. To get
comfortable with those steps keep repeating them
until you develop a comfort level. This will help
you remove all the restricted thinking you have
about money. In addition, you will welcome wealth
into your life and get out the no money status in
your life.

As you go through the steps, you will find them
to be very simple. However, actual implementation
may not be that easy if you have strong limiting
belief about money. Find out the reasons for such
feels and try to eradicate them permanently from
your mind.

You will be able to check your feelings, when you
try to visualise what you want in life. This will
help you to put it into practice whatever changes
you need to bring about in your life.

For example, when you are walking down the street
and you see a luxurious car parked outside a shop.

You ogle at the beauty of the car. You are
staring at the beautiful exterior of the car.
Even the exclusive interior of the car is visible
to you.

What thoughts that are running in your mind? What
are your feelings at that moment? Get to know
them as they occur in your mind so that you can
write them down.

If you are thinking as mentioned below that means
your understanding about money is restricted.

1.The person driving the car is such a show off.

2.The person driving the car could have donated
the money to the needy instead of spending it on
the car.

3.It is out of my budget.

4.Some homes may cost as much as this car, so
what’s the use of buying such costly car.

5.The driver is an attention seeker, so it is not
something I look up to.

6.People, who are filthy rich, will be able to
buy such a car and so it is not something I can

7.It is cool car, but I do not have that kind of

8.Even if I work all my life I will not earn
enough to purchase such luxurious car.

If you have positive thinking about money, you
thoughts will be as follows:

1.Wow! This is one of my favourite cars.

2.The money flows into my life so easily that I
have to only decide when I need to purchase the
car and the car will be mine.

3.I am sure this person has the ability to fulfil
all his wishes.

4.What a groovy car! I know I will be have one of
those in the future.

5.It feels good to know that people can afford
such cars.

6.If I let this car come into my life through my
positive thinking, I will definitely have it.

7.If you say to yourself that you can afford it.
(It may not be possible immediate future but
because of positive thinking you may)

8.I can already feel that the car is in my life.

Try to understand your feeling, when you get what
you desire after thinking positively about the
situation. Your feelings about money will be
clear as soon as you are in tune with the source.

In the next lesson we will take a look at how you
can decide on how much you want to earn.

Until then,
Joshua Shoemaker

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