Once you create your information product then it is time to promote your baby. There are many ways to market your information product, both free and low cost. If you follow the steps below you’ll create an awesome marketing plan for any information product that you create. One of the most important things about marketing your information product is to make sure the product is within your niche, and is produced as professionally and expertly as possible. Don’t get hung up on perfection but do provide value to your potential clients and current customers.

Promote your information produce via the following channels:

Content Sites — By placing articles on article marketing websites that have bios that lead back to your information product’s sales page or your website you can promote your information product(s) without actually trying. Just write general articles that establish your expertise and before you know it people will be clicking through on your bio finding what you offer.

Blogs — Definitely blog about your new information product on your own blog, but offer to guest blog for others too so that you can get more links back to your own blog which promotes your information product(s). In blogs you don’t have to outright sell either but on launch day, definitely post about it excitedly.

Social Networks — Promote your blogs, your content, and your information products on all your social networking sites and ask your friends to share with their friends.

Press Releases — Think sending out press releases is old fashioned? Well, it’s not. You can create online and offline press releases. You should do both for every product that you release because due to the nature of a press release sometimes the news will not print your story, but other times they will so make it a habit to send a press release to the appropriate departments and contacts.

Product Reviews — Ask friend and associates who distribute complementary products to do reviews on your information product for you. Write to Examiner writers, Bloggers, BellaOnline.com writers, and anyone else you can find that might enjoy doing a review on your information product due to its content and just simply ask them to do a review. Asking never hurt anyone.

Advertizing — Consider doing a pay per click advertising campaign via Google, Facebook and appropriate websites, communities, ezines and blogs. Depending upon your niche this can often be done very inexpensively. If you’ve never run an ad campaign on Google, sign up for Google Places and they’ll be sure to send you a coupon for dollars off an advertising campaign.

Affiliate Marketers — One of the best ways to promote your information product is to have an army of affiliates reviewing, informing and promoting your product. Create a fair affiliate program with a lot of tools such as graphics, emails, newsletter information, and give a good percentage for sales to your affiliates. Offer prizes for a certain number of sales.

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