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Are you a marketer ready to start a coaching program, Well then… this information is for you. However, this can help anyone looking to build a $100,000 business from scratch.

You can set up a coaching program in almost any niche. Obviously, we cannot discuss all the possibilities, so I have narrowed down to one proven strategy that you can begin using and teaching immediately – and that strategy is Listbuilding.

Every aspiring marketer knows the power of building a list. It is the #1 place ‘where the money is’ online… or offline for that matter. There are literally hundreds of products that are on the market to show people how to build and monetize lists. Yet thousands of prospective marketers don?t take that first step to actually building a list.

So how do you get started, Here is what you should offer marketers- a complete list building system that is comprised of all the steps needed to build a list from scratch. This system should be able to help them for years to come. In fact, what you could do is to give a guarantee of a minimum number of subscribers your system will help them get within a certain time-frame once you have this process setup.

Basically, you will be showing them all the steps they need to follow to make the system work and help them get their list built.

You can either build it for them, have them build it themselves, or even outsource the work to another person. However, make sure you make it clear to them who will be doing the work from the start. You can charge less if your coaching student builds it themselves with your guidance, or charge extra if you have it outsourced or if you do it yourself.

Here is the foundation you should lay out for your clients from the start.

1. Clarity

The first thing that may not seem important, but is crucial, is explaining the whole process to them. This way, you will eliminate any doubt they may have regarding your process and this will set them on their path to success. Without being clear and specific, they may doubt your system or coaching – especially if they are doing the setup process themselves (which is the method I advocate rather than outsourcing it or doing it for them).

Building their trust and confidence in your program and assuring them will work 100% is the first step.

Assure them that if they follow all your simple instructions and do the work… the system will truly succeed, because it will. The success of the system won?t be based on how good your clients are at marketing since it is a proven system that has shown it works since it started being used on the internet and continues to work today. Think about it this way – it doesn’t matter who turns a key to start a car… it will start regardless.

2. Let Them Know They Need to Follow Your Instructions to The Letter

In the same way, basketball players excel in their game by practicing the basics such as free-throw shots, list-building is no different. If they want to use fad marketing techniques, they can include them later once they learn the proven fundamentals. The bottom line here is, they need to focus on your program first and set all the fundamentals into motion to establish a solid foundation.

3. Teach Them How To Create a Paid Sales Funnel

This funnel is meant to bring in traffic to help them build their list while at the same time producing enough income to cover costs. At this time, profit is not the main goal – they simply need to
make an income to sustain them so their business will break even. The profit comes later when the mailing list that they are building hits a certain level.

4. Give them a visualization of what they can expect their system to look like

After setting their system up, their daily activity will look like this:

1. Buy one or more single ads
2. Focus on conversion stats as the objective starting out is to break even. If a solo ad is not achieving
this, you need to tweak something to increase conversions.
3. Email their list

That’s it. It seems simple, right, Even someone in a full-time job can do this without hassle.

Now… moving on to the next area of what you should be teaching your clients, step-by-step. If you aren?t familiar or proficient at any of these steps yourself, you can find plenty of information and videos online to help you understand more.

1. Give People a Good Reason Why They Should Choose Your Client’s List

Your reason should be specific.

For instance ‘Discover How to Make Money Online’

will not convert well as

‘Discover How This Retired Teacher Averages $192 A Day in 45 Minutes by Simply Playing Games Online!’

The enticement to get people to opt-in to the list should be as catchy as a paid product itself – if not better. When using PLR, it should be top-notch PLR and this PLR should be given a new cover graphic and be renamed. If you want to go ‘all-in’ create a unique product that doesn?t exist anywhere else. This will increase opt-ins and also create more credibility with your coaching student.

To make it even more enticing, offer two incentives to opt in.

The first is delivered immediately while the second one will be drip fed over a certain period of days or weeks. This will entice your subscriber to opt-in with their best email address to get an opportunity to receive all of the incentives you are offering.

This also provides your student with a good reason to email their email list daily. This will condition new subscribers to OPEN and actually READ emails they receive from your student.

2. Create a Squeeze Page

Often, a simple squeeze page will out-convert a fancy one. The more you say on your squeeze page, the more excuses you may be giving your subscribers not to opt-in. However, this doesn?t mean you ask for an email address without
offering an opt-in bride because this simply will not work. You should come up with a catchy headline that creates curiosity and arouses the desire for what you are offering.

Create a headline and 3-7 bullet points about your opt-in incentive. If you use a photo, use a unique, clear image – not the same one that everyone else uses. The best way is to have the student find something that is captivating and unique, or get them to use their one of their own photos.

TIP: Come up with a squeeze page before creating the opt-in incentive. I know this sound backwards, but it will help you get an incredible opt-in rate.

This enables you to get creative while coming up with your headline and bullet points. Of course, the incentive has to meet or exceed their expectations, so you will need to live up to these expectations. However, this unique technique can increase your conversion rate by 10-20% if done right.

If your client needs new ideas for an incentive, show them how to research on forums so that they can see what people are actively looking for. Show them how to find tweets in real time and how to search Twitter for keywords about their topic of interest. It is always good to copy and paste these tweets and questions for inspiration.

3. Track and Test the Squeeze Page

It is important to teach your student the need for tracking and testing their squeeze page, especially the headline. A 10% increase in conversions can mean an added 500 subscribers for every 15,000
people who visit your squeeze page.

Besides, the better the conversion rate on your squeeze page, the easier it will be to monetize the funnel to breaking even and even can allow them to start making a profit (and they will looooooove you for this!). A high conversion rate with the squeeze page gives you more options for them to buy traffic. Conversely, if a squeeze page has a dismal conversion rate, then only the best quality will lead to the break-even point, thereby limiting your paid traffic sources to only a few that convert high enough to actually make it profitable.

4. Here Are Tips for Optimizing This Process

Set the autoresponder to single opt-in. You cannot afford to lose a third of your subscribers from the beginning of this process because they don’t click on the confirmation link emailed to them to join your list.

Once your visitors opt-in, you should take them immediately to a low-cost front-end offer page. By this I mean, once they give you their email address and click submit, they should be automatically redirected to this low-cost front-end offer.

Notify them at the top of your front-end offer page that you will be delivering the incentive to their email in the next few minutes (5-10 minutes). Of course, this can’t be the case when you are linking directly to an affiliate page.

However, as a best practice have your student create their own low-cost front-end offer. This way, they will be able to maximize their income rather than only be paid a 50-75% affiliate commission. This makes it easier for them to make more money starting out and easier to break even as they build their list.

In the first email sent to new subscribers, ensure that it contains the download page where they can get the incentive they opt in in for…as well as one or more other offers. This will ensure more profitability for the funnel and of course more profit which means that they make more money so they can build a larger list.

Don’t focus a lot on the design or attractiveness of the opt-in form or what the button says. Rather, focus your energy and time on the headline as this is where real conversions are made.

If you feel technically incapable of building a squeeze page, then either outsource the work or buy a software that will build it for you. Don’t leave the work of building a squeeze page to your clients.

Just a reminder for you regarding the upsell and the product(s) you offer on your download page: They are not meant to make a profit, they are meant to help in covering the costs of building the list. If a profit is made, that?s icing on the cake.

The goal at this point should be to at least break even to make sure the list is being built for free. The real profits are made when your student begins to repeatedly market their product to their list (without hard-selling, of course).

About the front-end Offer

This is the offer you give your new subscribers as soon as they hit the button to get the incentive and join your client’s list. It needs to be relevant and closely related to the incentive they opt-in in for.

For instance, if you are offering an incentive on ’10 Ways to Increase Free Traffic to Your Site’ – your front-end offer can be
software that generates free traffic via social media.

If your incentive is ’19 Tips to Breeding and Selling Rabbits’ – the front-end offer can be a membership in an online rabbit breeders club (I have no idea if there is anything like rabbit breeder club, but I wouldn?t be surprised to find one).

TIP: Choose the front-end offer first before creating the incentive that relates to your incentive. Again, this will appear as though you are putting the cart before the horse, but you will be targeting the best prospects that are most likely to purchase your front-end offer.

The upsell should be affordable – a range of $5-$19 seems to work best. It shouldn?t exceed $20. This suits certain financial niches, but you can always test to be sure.

This may seem counterintuitive, but offering a $10 front-end offer will often be more profitable than offering a $40 front-end offer, even though you need to make four sales of the $10 to match one sale of the latter. In general, a low price will attract more sales.

TIP: The sooner your client gets their own front-end offer up and running, the better. If your client is not into writing courses and creating videos, you can always advise them to outsource the work.

Also, you can help them get a piece of software or get a coder to create a plug-in. Often, you can buy PLR software that can be tweaked into a perfect giveaway product because making minor changes to your software is generally very affordable.

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