There isn?t a single niche that doesn?t have its movers and shakers; the so-called ?big dogs.? So, how can you get their attention and have them share your content with their thousands, or even 10s of thousands readers,

The first thing is… quality is paramount. Have at least six posts on your website or blog, and make sure they are loaded with exhaustive, well-written targeted content – or entertaining content – or both. No big dog will put their reputation on the ine to send traffic to your site if they don?t see that it?s not worth their audience’s time.

After you have this creative content, make a list of the big movers, experts, and interesting personalities in your niche. Come up with a blog post for them, whereby you include their background
information, any accomplishments they may have, and why they are important. You can also rank them based on their influence or categorize them based on their specific audience. It is your post, and therefore you can tailor it to the preference of their target audience.

For example, based on your niche, you can title your blog post as ?Top 10 Movers and Shakers in Quick Food Recipes? or ?Top 50 Influencers in Online Marketing.?

Although this list of top people in your industry or niche has everything needed to make it shareable, you can take it a step further to ensure it goes viral. Contact each ?mover? who made it on your
list and congratulate them for that. Some may well share your article through their social media pages and on their own websites and blogs.

You might ask… ‘What if some of them become a bit upset for not making it to the top 10 position on your list, First, it is impossible for everyone to be number one. Second, if they are upset for not being ranked higher, you can take advantage of this by writing more blogs posts to get more publicity. Third, you can create this list annually.

That way, those who are complaining may go up several positions the following year, and they’ll likely be excited and brag about it to their readers. In fact, you might find experts who were
ranked lower on your list trying to curry favor with you while those ranked higher add you to their inner cycle. After all, it is a win-win situation, and either way, your content gets shared by big dogs multiple times.

Bonus Tip #1; Now that you have captured their attention, choose an engaging topic and ask them about their opinion on it. If you are able to get 2 or 3 sharing their opinion with you, you are likely to have another
great post that will go viral in your industry.

Bonus Tip #2: Create a blog post on What 20 Top__ Say About___. This is straightforward and simple to come up with. Simply email all the experts you are targeting and ask them about their opinion
regarding the current trend of a topic in your niche. Compile all their responses into one article or blog post and be sure to notify them when you will be publishing the post. That way they can share the link to the post with their audiences as well.

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