An excellent and often overlooked way of getting
traffic is establishing your own affiliate program.

If you’ve been involved with Internet marketing for
any length of time, you probably are already familiar
with the concept of affiliate marketing and have
probably already made some commissions for yourself.

In this case, however, we’re talking about joining
the other side of the equation — in other words,
you’re going to have affiliates promoting your

Many people are interested in making extra money
(and possibly a full-time income) through affiliate
marketing because they don’t want to deal with
selling their own inventory, processing credit card
payments through a merchant account, or shipping
products from their home or office.

With so many people looking to get started with
Internet marketing by becoming affiliates, this is
an excellent opportunity for you to generate more
traffic and revenue for your online business!

You see, those affiliates can take care of much of
the groundwork and generate traffic for you by
sending people to your website through their
affiliate link in exchange for commissions.

Of course, you probably already have other traffic
sources, but an affiliate program can simply make
you even more successful by expanding and
diversifying your traffic generation methods.

An easy way to start an affiliate program is to
simply join one of the popular networks that handle
all of the annoying tasks like tracking and commission
payments for you.

Clickbank is very popular and user-friendly when
it comes to digital information products, but some
Internet marketers prefer to use other affiliate
networks in order to avoid commissions theft.

A few of the other affiliate networks include
LinkShare, ejunkie, and Paydotcom.

You can, of course, establish your own private
affiliate program if you’re confident in your
abilities and for some reason want to avoid the
popular affiliate networks.

Joshua Shoemaker

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