How To Generate Traffic Using An Email Newsletter
begins with a list of email subscribers.

This list can be made up of customers or prospective

Both of these lists should be kept separate, but
combined for the purpose of a newsletter.

An email newsletter can generate the highest quality
traffic that any website can experience.

This is true because those people who have subscribed
to your email have opted in by making a purchase from
your site, or through some other means, have opted in
because they are interested in your websites’ products
and content.

Whether through an advertisement, or simply signing
up for a newsletter after visiting your site, these
people are the best candidates to buy from your website.

The first group of people are your customer base and
are the lifeblood of any business.

Repeat customers are an important percentage of sales
and they should be given special treatment.

The second group of people are also important as they
are prospective customers and may be making a purchase
in the future.

These are the customers who will replace older customers
that drop off over time.

They are also the future of your businesses expansion.

Once these people have opted into a newsletter, it is
an opportunity to entice them into making their first
purchase with specials such as sales and coupon codes
or perhaps a free giveaway.

The people who read your email newsletter and go to
your website represent the traffic that will have the
highest percentage of conversion into sales.

Your list will be the most important part of your
business and over time you will come to understand
that the list is everything for online sales.

Getting quality names for your newsletter is the
ultimate goal because it will result in expanding
your customer base and creating a successful online

Joshua Shoemaker

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