Social dynamics and demographics have proven that Instagram is gaining popularity widely amongst marketers. A user base of 700 million monthly users with 300+ million daily active users, retailers and marketers can benefit their brand campaigns with the tremendous potential the photo sharing app possesses.

The human brain tends to be more responsive towards visual content and retain the information portrayed. Following a channelized approach will fetch the marketers a bunch of leads with every campaign and these leads would certainly be interested in buying the product.

But drafting a marketing strategy for Instagram that would help you build up a strong email-list is certainly not a cakewalk. You need to identify the factors that are effective in getting the visitors to perform an action and subscribe for your offers.

So before, you draft your next campaign for Instagram, keep these important hacks in mind.

  • Occasionally ask for ‘Sign-Ups’ – Don’t annoy your subscribers every time to push for the Sign-up button that would lead to your offers. It’s hard to grow your email lists and once you have the subscribers listed for your offers, take precautions in giving them the kind of information that can add a value.

Asking for ‘Sign-ups’ too frequently with every campaign can prove unhealthy for your Instagram campaigns. You can even lose your brand followers. Through your Insta posts, define the exclusive benefits that would fetch them great insights.


  • Smartly direct them to your offers & website – Through Instagram delight your subscribers and visitors with alluring images that depict the essence you deliver in your products or services. Now, make sure when they are encouraged to click on your offers, they land on equally beneficial landing pages and not roam here and there finding their way out of the maze.

Even if you have directed them to the website, make sure they are served with the correct information.


Success Tip – Create landing pages that are visually rich. Strike a balance between the Instagram post and the landing pages. Landing pages too should be optimized with related images and videos.


  • Serve them with the best and exclusive offers – Your offers should have the potential to generate curiosity and when clicked the subscribers and followers should be served with something that makes them feel privileged. Yes, you need to delight them with exclusive deals, offers or maybe a surprise gift coupon. This would develop their interest and support their buying decision and motivate them to stay loyal to your brand.


  • Leverage ‘More’ with the power of Instagram Ads – With Instagram ads you can generate more revenue. Yes, the strategy of employing ads that marketers have tried and tested on Facebook, is now available on Instagram too. Marketers are now enjoying the super-advantage of occupying their prospects with Ads. A small and manipulating description combined with visuals and the apt reference link, are the elements that can define the success of your efforts.

Success Tip – To get the most out of your ads, don’t forgot to create landing pages that are in sync with your offers. Also, complement each of your lead forms with a ‘Thank You’ message. Integrate this with your analytics and find out how many users signed up for the offers.


Putting it in a nutshell, Instagram offers a whole gamut of exciting features that marketers can use strategically in their marketing plans. The social network has now evolved into a creative store that helps you replicate your brand with visuals and videos. Reap the most out of it. With, Instagram the science of marketing is – being visually centric.

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