Unlike some ‘programs’ you’ll find online, you don’t have to pay anyone to sign up and get started. You won’t be expected to recruit others into the program, you’ll have no downline, and all of your commissions are dependent on only one thing-your efforts.

Affiliate marketing programs have several advantages over other ways to make money online. Unlike the expense required to open your own online store, it’s inexpensive to get started. You won’t need to be able to accept credit card payments, you don’t have to process orders, store items or ship them. The merchants who offer the affiliate programs take care of these details. All you do is promote their website and/or their products. Once someone clicks your link and goes the merchant’s site, you’ve done your job and it’s out of your hands.

But even then, you benefit from one of the chief advantages of affiliate marketing programs. Once you convince the person to click the link, they arrive at the merchant’s site which is designed to sell the product. So you benefit from that website’s salesmanship. All of the tactics and techniques they employ to convince someone to buy their product or service now works for you to earn you an affiliate commission.

Something many people also overlook about affiliate marketing programs is that once you set up a website, get your affiliate links and learn how to upload content to your website, the hard part’s really over-as long as your affiliate site covers a subject that interests you, or that at the very least you don’t mind immersing yourself in. Say you’ve put up a website that promotes several affiliate marketing programs that sell security devices for personal use and home security. Chances are you chose this topic because you have an interest in security, law enforcement or criminal justice. Now that your website’s there, the fun part is filling it with content that other people who are interested in these topics want to read.

You don’t have to be a writer, just able to convey your ideas. You can write things like short news updates about new developments in security system technology, announcements of new products people might like, opinions about the products you’re promoting, opinions about anything related to your topic. Now it’s not work, just sharing ideas and thoughts with like-minded people and passing on your knowledge and information about the subject. As long as what you write is genuine, your enthusiasm will show, and you’ll draw people with similar interests who will click on the links to your affiliate marketing programs and your site will make money.

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