WordPress marketing is the most powerful marketing tool available on the web today. There is a somewhat outdated belief that WordPress can only be used for blogging. It can and so much more. You can create a complete website with WordPress. When using WordPress marketing software there are some security measures that you should use so that your blog is not deleted from Google.

1. Plugins: Check all plugins before adding them to your website. Many third party plugins are created by people that cannot be trusted. They will create plugins to steal your site or blog. Some of these bad plugins have been banned from Google for your own protection, so if Google catches you using them on your blog;your site could be deleted from the Google search engine.

2. Recent Versions: Be sure that you are using the very newest version of WordPress. By making sure that WordPress is updated you can be assured that prior bugs or errors will be fixed in the newer versions. When you use the newest version of WordPress you can avoid those problems. However, sometimes new versions can cause errors, so be very careful. A good habit to start is to research before you install the most recent version. You need to look for and be aware of problems that other users may have encountered. If you find that there are a lot of issues, wait until the problems have been fixed before you upgrade.

3. Admin Account: Every hacker out there knows that WordPress has a user administration feature. This feature allows the owner to do any type of administrative job that may be needed on the WordPress software. You can slow down potential hackers by the removal of your admin feature. You can do this by creating WordPress admin privileges by using the admin capability. When this is done, you will have to log out and then log back in to WordPress. Then you need to delete the admin user. Your new admin user should be completely different than the original.

4. Password Protect: The minute you install your WordPress software you should password protect it. This adds one more layer of protection from any potential hacker. Understand though, that if you have a relatively easy password a hacker could still break into your blog, so use a password that contains both letters and numbers. The more difficult the password, the less likely of a chance for a hacker to gain access to your WordPress website.

5. Rename Your Database Tables: Any hacker that attacks your site will need to access your database tables. With the WordPress Marketing software you are allowed to change the names of the tables so that you can prevent potential hackers from gaining access to your tables.

These are some of security measures that you can use in order to prevent your site from being banned from Google if you have been hacked. There are still more available and they are easy to find by typing in WordPress security into your favorite search engine. If you practice these steps it will save money and trouble for you later on.

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