With monthly, 30 million to 700 million active users, Instagram has witnessed steep growth in the number of users, since Facebook acquired it in 2012. Apart from being a socializing platform to share photos and videos, it has emerged as a hub for marketing as prominent organizations have embedded Instagram marketing into their mainstream marketing strategy.

Since a lot associated with Instagram is emerging and changing, here are the five top predictions for Instagram marketing in 2018:

  1. Instagram overtakes Snapchat in market share:

Instagram is giving neck to neck competition to Snapchat and is predicted to overcome its market share by the end of 2017. Snapchat Stories allows your audience an inside look at your business and your life, while Instagram came out with Insta Stories. They made it so easy to do multiple things on a single platform.

So, when the audience found all these in one place they started to move towards Instagram, and that is why it looks like it will overtake Snapchat’s market very soon.

  1. Enhanced business tools:

Over the years, Instagram has evolved as a business hub for marketers, with a huge audience base that can be approached in a rather cost-effective manner. The introduction of Instagram Business Tools has clearly portrayed the social networking giant’s intentions of supporting and assisting marketers, using Instagram to promote their products/services.

  1. Marketers could drive additional sales using Instagram:

Online shopping has become a trend and many brands are selling their products and services online. Subsequently, businesses and brands could expect Instagram to play an even bigger role in driving sales.

Until now third-party tools were being used to embed featured products in Insta galleries but Instagram is making efforts to eliminate the need for third-party tools by introducing their own version.

  1. Enhanced Instagram Algorithms:

It is expected that improvements in Instagram’s algorithm will be seen, that would provide users with better and more relevant suggestions. Instagram currently suggests a very limited number of users. Instagram is likely to improve their algorithms to utilize the user data in a more effective manner and provide additional and relevant suggestions.

  1. Shoppable product tags put Instagram sales front and center:

Marketers predict Instagram to be a shopping paradise for end users and a cash cow for them. Instagram has been testing shoppable product tags that give the viewer immediate information on a product without leaving the platform.

In the past, the only option marketers had was to use the one link that could be given in the bio section. This new shopping option is going to be a game-changer!

With a little planning, Instagram can become a powerful part of your social media arsenal in 2018. Track user engagement, not only likes, to see what works and what doesn’t.

Try and set a visual theme for your business, take advantage of Insta stories, and be prepared to make some videos. 2018 is the year to engage your customers, and Instagram is just the right platform to take off.

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