Fear is one of the main obstacles that people face in life. Whether it is fear of making new contacts, starting a new business, or creating new products. Whatever the fear, it will hold you back from implementing your ideas and realizing your dreams.

Letting fear imprison your ideas only leads to deep regret and little success. To help you conquer any fear in life, I have created a 3 step strategy that I personally use myself.

1. Write Down the Most Scary and Possible Outcomes

First, let me begin by saying that writing is very cathartic in nature; it helps you concentrate and see your points in a different perspective. So, writing down all the scary and possible outcomes that you worry about will help you to easily find possible solutions.

Another thing, writing down that big difficulty makes it look easy to deal with since it is just a short sentence on a piece of paper.

2. Decide and Convince Yourself That You can Deal With the
Worst Possible Outcomes

Most people fear the negative outcome that may happen when they try something. They fear that they will not be able to deal with it and hence lose everything. This fear can grow so big that it takes control of your life, and when this happens, success will not be knocking on your door.

Deciding and convincing yourself that you can deal with the worst possible outcomes that could occur takes this fear away and gives you confidence in what you’re doing.

3. Try Everything You Can to Ensure That the Worst Possible Outcome
Does Not Happen.

In our previous point, we decided to sign a contract to deal with the worst possible outcomes, right, So we have to try all we can to ensure these outcomes don?t happen. Decide and compile all the things you need to do and then keep on doing them.

Final Thoughts

Fear and worry are very negative obstacles that you should avoid when setting your goals; they threaten your dreams by making you imagine and dwell on the possible outcomes. Just don?t concentrate on your fears, focus and do what you need to do.

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