Some marketers, despite their efforts they put in their marketing, fail terribly despite at enticing their email subscribers to open their emails. However, there are others, who after a short time, get thousands of subscribers who become loyal followers to them. You may be wondering what the key secret is, How do they manage to get all those loyal subscribers, Are there secrets the Frank Kern?s of this world know that we don?t,

The secret of being successful in this field is one; how you craft and present your content. Whether you are presenting your emails in the form of videos or telling real-life stories, there are several tricks that will make people interested in what you have to say and want to follow every word you say. Here are five tricks that can help you gain loyal customers who can buy your products.

1. Use Stories

Your content can be very helpful and valuable, but if you cannot keep your reader interested in learning the next point, then you will lose them. One way of captivating your audience and keeping them interested is through stories. Even the shortest of the stories can be helpful. Here is a simple example of a short story. Depending on the grade school you attended, you might have bene told of two different ways to spell the word ?arithmetic.?

The obvious one is a-r-i-t-h-m-e-t-i-c. The other one is a-rat-in-the-house-might-eat-the-ice-cream. Which one stuck in your mind, I?m sure it is the rat mnemonic because it reminds you of a short story the teacher may have told to explain the pronunciation. You just need to get a little bit creative, and you will capture the mind of your audience.

More importantly, stories convert a life moment into a clearer, meaningful, and powerful experience; they are called the currency of human contact.

If you want your audience to read your content and follow your recommendations, then master the art of storytelling. Stories captivate your audience thereby increasing your open rates and consequently your conversion rates.

2. Apart From Stories, Engage the Senses

How do you engage the senses, By use of adjectives. For instance, instead of just saying it tastes good, use words such as delectable and refreshing; instead of smells good, use fragrant and aromatic. Try to explain your product by using adjectives to make your story enticing.

Also, use videos instead of written word content. Videos engage the senses more than the written word, and it delivers your message faster than writing.

3. Make Use of Cliff Hangers and Open Loops

You are watching the last episode of your favorite TV show and Boom! The main character is shot, and the episode comes to an end. You are left with many questions on your mind. Will he live, Who will replace him now, You have no answers because the show has ended and that’s the last episode of the season.

Now you have to wait until the next season is released to know whether he’s still alive or not. That is what we call a classic cliffhanger. There are unresolved actions and great suspense that leaves you yearning to see the next episode.

Our nature, as humans, dictates that we always want to see the closure of something. Therefore, we will tune into the next season to see how it will end up. Of course, the directors never put a closure to their show because they want you to stay glued to their movie, hence the popularity of movie series and soap operas, despite their
ridiculous storylines and bad acting.

So in the same way, if you are writing a series of blog posts or emails, you need to link them up in that the last blog post promises to reveal something worthwhile in the next one. It should be something that your audience will be eager to find out.Something that will make them glued to your blog post series.

For instance, you are doing a series of blog posts on traffic generation. You discuss a method that works like a charm, then promise to show one trick that can instantly double or triple the results in your next post. This will make sure that your audience will be tuned in to find out what the trick is.

Open loops work in the same way as cliffhangers, with the only difference being that they come at the beginning of the content and the answer at the end. They are great when you are doing sales letters and detailed blog posts and videos. They keep the reader engaged so as to know the answer.

For instance, you might promise to reveal three fat-burning foods that effortlessly burn fat. Then after the introduction, you say something like “did you know that there are simple techniques you can use to increase your rate of burning fat,” Your audience will be compelled to continue reading because they want to know the three foods that will help them melt away pounds.

4. Magnify Your Genuine Personality

Whatever your personality is, grow it to the point that it is bigger than life. People follow marketers, not their marketing website. People follow comedians, not their jokes. People follow bloggers, not their blog posts. You need to have a personality that appeals to your audience if you want them to follow you.

Take this a step further and be different. Study your niche and look at what you can do differently. Go against the norms. Not because you want to raise controversies or an argument, but for the sake of standing out and shedding a new perspective on a challenge or problem.

Don’t be a cookie cutter. Don’t be normal. Do the unexpected and surprise people. Shock them and make them stop dead in their tracks. This is not very challenging; just look at what other people are normally doing in your niche and do something different.

5. Be Funny

This trick tends to scare marketers away since not everyone is gifted with natural humor. This doesn’t mean you start reciting your childhood jokes. Instead, you need to try and find humor in your everyday life. You can learn how to do this by reading Make ‘Em Laugh and Take Their Money.? This book will offer you a few thoughts on using humor as a writer or speaker.

If you want people to continue enjoying your content, you need to make them smile and laugh. When your audience is in a good mood, they will tend to buy more of the products you are recommending.

One piece of advice you can borrow from this entire article is that you need to stand out. Just look around your niche and see where the majority are heading to and then do the opposite and lead your herd in an entirely different direction. You won’t win everyone over, but you will get loyal followers. Those who will follow your different route will do so with all their minds.

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