It?s true that people come to your site for your content, but you will also need images to help keep them there. After all, the first thing that meets the eye on your page or post are the images. Using the right images on your post can create curiosity, mystery, and grab attention as well as a host of other emotions that will make them stay glued to your content.

Using unique images will help you tempt your visitors into reading your content even if the headline is not captivating. A great image used with a mediocre headline or content will attract more visitors than a mediocre headline on its own.

However, there are several tricks about the use of images with your content to maximize the effect. Here are ten things you can do.

1. Use At Least One Image in Every Post

Every post should have an image placed above the fold. And if you have a detailed post, consider adding images in between your posts to break the monotony of written text. They help provide breaks to your reader by giving them some time to digest what they have read. Images also serve to entice your readers to continue reading your content.

2. Look For Images That Spark Emotions

Using images that illustrate your story will not be of any great use to your post. If your post is about how to prevent a car accident, you might think it is a good idea to insert an image of a car involved in an accident. But ask yourself – will the image capture the mind of your reader, I bet it won?t since you are portraying someone who has experienced a loss without saving anything. Therefore, it is best to look for images that spark emotion rather than ones that illustrate your story.

3. Use Images in Your RSS Feed

An image can get your content read or ignored. So think about using an image combined with the headline as your book cover, with the post serving as the content. Just like books, people judge their feeds by their covers, and they also do the same when looking for feeds.

4. Use an Image with Several Faces

Studies show that readers pause longer at an image with at least one face. If your post doesn’t suit the use of images with faces, then look for something spectacular or provocative that makes the reader pause to know more and think about it
for a while.

5. Take Your Time to Find the Best Image for Your Post

You should invest almost the same effort you put in compiling your posts when looking for an interesting image to use in your content. Using captivating image in your content will help you create a good first impression and will help you attract more internet traffic. That?s why spending more time searching for the right image is well worth the effort.

Also, you can consider purchasing images. Spending a buck or two to get better images will actually boost your chance of getting your post read by more people. You can find far better images when you are willing to pay a little bit to get them, and you will find a wide variety of them.

If you are on a tight budget, consider using Creative Common photos. They are free to use, but generally you must give the photographer credit or attribute. A couple of great places to get these free images is Flickr or

6. Never Fail To Use One

Even if you fail to find the right image, be sure to add an image anyway. Adding images might sound obvious, but the fact is that they increase the time your visitors spend on your site. One marketer reported that adding images doubled up the time people spent on her website.

7. Consider Using Your Own Images

If you are an outgoing person, take as many images as possible. Using your own photos will help you personalize your website, and also build a deeper connection with your audience.

8. Use Pictures to Build an Entire Post

Pinterest has proven to us that you can actually get traffic by simply combining
different images. So why not build a post that is based on nothing but images,
Maybe on the best places to visit in your country or the best memes, etc…

9. Make Use of Alt Tags with Your Images

This can help your site rank higher in search engines, thereby bringing in more traffic for you.

10. Have Fun

Images not only can captivate your audience but it also makes it fun for you to
compile them as an author.

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