Guess what, I really do believe in you. I believe in you so much that I want to give you the special drip plugin that gives you the only REAL “set it and forget it” date-based drip.

That way, you can create a membership site by 5 PM tonight… no matter what time zone you’re in.

Here’s the thing. Whether you are using your upcoming (or established) membership site to…

1. Attract more members (because it’s a full training course)

2. Keep more members (because it drips the content out)

3. Make your membership site behave like an autoresponder (set it and forget it)

Then you need this drip plugin. It’s easier on you, too (because setup takes a few seconds)…

Fact: No other drip plugin has a 1-click, date based drip… it gradually puts your content out there based on how far apart your blog posts are inside your membership site — like a week or a month apart…

Is there a plugin smart enough to drip out 10, 100, or 500 pieces of content to your members… adjust the dates so they look brand new… tell them what’s coming up automatically… and give you enough autoresponder content to remind them of each new piece?

Drip Does!!!

Go there now,

Joshua Shoemaker

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