From my observation, I have been able to compile 10 traits of successful marketers who make 6 figures or more. Because sometimes English is short of words, I call them ?weird? marketers. However, one of the things I wasn?t able to figure out was – do marketers become successful because they are weird, Or is it success that makes them weird,

When you finish this you can decide.

Here are the traits.

1. Successful Marketers Have Backward Thinking

All along, we have been molded and taught to take small steps to get to our destination. But for marketers, it is the opposite. They are not concerned about the steps, they focus on their end result. They visualize their goal in their minds like they have already achieved it. They then reverse the steps to figure out how they got there.

2. Successful Marketers Do Quit

Some people hold on to something that is on a decline with the hope that it will start picking up again. Have you ever known a trader who held onto a share that was in free fall in the market, The odds are that they feared losing money. Results, They ended up losing more money.

Successful marketers use the information
available to them and make a quick decision.

3. Successful Marketers Take Shortcuts

With shortcuts, I don?t mean they fail to use usual paths of success. Even if there is a saying that goes ?practice makes perfect,? the fact of the matter is, that practice makes for a streamlined system where you discover what is important and what is not. However, you can cut out a lot of those trials and take one big step to see whether it will work.

Some people take a long time before they make a decision. Most people like to do extensive research, weighing all the facts, and even sleep on the idea for a few days. However, for successful marketers, they use the information available to them and make a quick decision. This may make them look reckless, but it is what accounts for their massive success – money loves speed.

4. Successful Marketers Take Risks

A mountain goat that wants to go the other side of a mountain crevice has two options; one, to descend to the bottom of the mountain and climb the other side of the crevice, or second, to make a good jump to the other side. However, by jumping, it must give its all since a mediocre attempt will cut short its life. Similarly, successful marketers are always ready to risk it all to gain everything.

They also risk making a product that has no that likes it, buying traffic that doesn?t covert, looking silly on social media platforms, and making fools of themselves by contacting other successful marketers for help. Every day, they take great risks. However, many times these risks pay off in a big way. It takes a lot of guts to be a successful marketer.

5. Successful Marketers Say NO More Often

Opportunities are everywhere, and they will always be there. And no one sees them more easily than a focused, successful marketer. However, they always say NO to most of them so as to concentrate on the opportunities they are currently pursuing. Success cannot happen without focus.

They are also very careful with people and opportunities and will always say NO to opportunities that will hurt their long-term image. It?s true that they can be approached by company XYZ to promote a product that will make them a lot of money in the short run. However, if the opportunity is a scam and won’t benefit their following, they always say NO to that. Saying No is one of the most profitable things you can do as a marketer.

6. Successful Marketers Repeat Themselves

When they discover a formula that works for them, they repeat it to the point of being boring. Instead of searching for another formula that works, they ramp it up and do it again in a faster and bigger way than last time. They work on expanding the formula and will stick to it until it fails to yields better results. It’s true that it’s more exciting to start a new project after some time, however, if your attention is overly divided, you will not achieve concrete results.

7. Successful Marketers Don?t Puff Themselves Up

Most of the time, when someone makes a few thousand dollars they are sure more will stream in since they cracked the success code. The first thing that hits most people?s mind is to go shopping.

However, successful marketers reinvest a major portion of the profits back into their business to make it bigger and stronger. They then start investing in their future to safeguard their financial position in case their business tanks in the future.

People who are successful have the confidence to be
themselves and have nothing to prove to others.

As a marketer, you should not brag about how you are making it big in your field. In fact, insecure people who feel they want to prove something will brag about how they are doing well. These people in general struggle to make ends meet.

If you see a quiet guy in a marketing conference taking notes, he might just be a millionaire. People who are successful have the confidence to be themselves and have nothing to prove to others.

8. Successful Marketers Don?t Have Backup Plans

I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but if you look at it more deeply, you will see how powerful it is. Do you think the mountain goat that wanted to jump across the mountain crevice will be successful if it fails to make a jump, It has no other option.

Similarly in business, when you don’t have a backup plan, you have to pursue your goal like your life depends on it. In fact, it does. Knowing you have no other option than to succeed is what will make the difference between success and failure.

9. Successful Marketers Forge Alliances

They aren?t lone wolves – they forge alliances with outsourcers, their customers, and other people in their niche. They don?t believe in self-made men or women; they seek help and believe that teamwork always wins.

10. Successful Marketers Are Hardworking

This sound strange, right, I know many people thought that online marketing is all about fun since you work for five minutes a week. However, for successful marketers, their schedule is always tight, and they work like mad to earn their success.

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