1. Did you just create a new page, Send invitation requests to everyone and anyone you know, including your friends and family. Your main aim at this time is to get a fan base that will attract more people.

2. Offer something in return, maybe an eBook, but only when they LIKE your page. This will motivate people to do this. It works in the same way as offering an eBook for subscribing to an email list.

3. Hold competitions – lots of them. Contests will grow your fan base at a greater speed because everyone like contests because they are fun and someone can win something. Contests are a better way of building your list because you don?t seem like you are promoting your page. In the end, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

4. Ask questions. People like responding to ideas and to give their opinions especially on a hot topic. It has been found that questions encourage more engagement than statements. In fact, it gets double the number of comments.

5. There is even something more engaging than questions. And that is ?fill-in the blank posts.? These generate nine times as much engagement as regular posts. For instance: One thing I hate about relationships is_____

6. Add a Facebook Social Plugin to your blog or website. There are marketers who have yet to do this, and it has been proven to increase business, get more exposure, and get more fans.

7. Did you publish a new blog post, Well, post the intro on your Facebook page and link to it on your site.

8. Make use of videos and photos whenever possible. Images and videos get shared 2-3 times more than written content.

9. Include links to your Facebook page in your content whenever possible. Add the link to your email signatures, blog posts, articles, and other social media platforms as well as forums. This will help you grow your fan base.

10. Post interesting content. It?s better to post quality and engaging posts once or twice a day than posting uninteresting posts regularly just to remain relevant.

11. Post current events. Anything that is current or news for your specific niche will attract attention. Being one of the first few people to break the news happening in your niche will get you the attention you are looking for, for you page. You can use Google alerts to help you stay abreast of current events and breaking news.

12. Advertise. Invest in advertising your page. After all, your list of Facebook fans will help you generate a mailing list. Therefore, it can pay to build that fan base quickly, and advertising will help you do that easily.

13. Keep your ads fresh. Rotating your ads on a daily basis is the best way to keep your fans interested in clicking on them. Anything they saw yesterday may not be interesting today, therefore, you must keep it fresh if you to remain on their radar. Conversion rates can drop by 50% by the 2nd day if the adverstising remains the same.

14. Offer ?specials? to your Facebook fans. For instance, you can give special bonuses or product discounts when they place an order for your product or service.

15. If you are selling something, use words like coupon or $ off. These two keywords have been proven to produce higher response rates. Taking several dollars off tends to produce twice the results of offering a discount on the regular price. This is because most people, including me, don’t like doing the math.

16. Give people a good reason to like your page. Incentives work great, but you can also give a reason. For instance, LIKE our page BECAUSE we want to reach out to as many people as possible.

17. Remember one rule – the shorter the post, the higher the rate of engagement.

18. Post when most of your fan base is online. User engagement statistics show that Facebook users are mostly online between 8am-8pm. Of course, you will need to study your fans to know when they aren?t busy or aren?t working. However, if your fan base is scattered all over the planet, you can post almost anytime.

19. Share other people?s posts. You can notify someone?s that you have shared their post by writing their name on the status. Facebook will send a notification alerting them of being mentioned.

20. Have a perfect header image. If you don?t have skills to make one, pay someone to do it for you. You need to make an outstanding first impression.

21. Engage. Engage. Engage. Respond to comments. Like other people?s content and always maintain positivity.

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