If you are spending more than 12 hours surfing the Internet, then you might probably want to consider getting an online job such as web hosting.

Basically, web hosting is the process of publishing a web site so that it will be available on the World Wide Web. Just like any business, web hosting involves a certain amount of money, thus, paid web hosting emerged because there is a need to get a domain name and to restrict forced ads to be displayed on your site.

Experts say that those who are new to the world of web hosting and would want to create their personal or a business web site, it is a must for them to learn all the basic premises of the web hosting as a business. They can start surfing by the Internet about and check out some web hosting guides, FAQs, or features of different web hosts.

Also, they can ask people who have tried it to get first hand tips and information. These people can either be their friend or somebody that their friends know or they can be people who are part of groups or communities of webmasters online.

Types of web hosting

Today, there are different kinds of web hosting setups depending upon on the preference of people and their budget. If you are planning to get an online job through web hosting, it is a must for you to learn all these general types of so you will know which plans to offer to your potential customers.

The first type of web hosting is the “free web hosting” that is common to those who have small websites because it makes it possible for them to get free web hosting accounts. The other one would be “free sub-domain hosting” where customer support is not expected because it is assumed that your website will never ever grow.

The third type called the “shared web hosting” which is the most ideal type for almost 100 percent of web sites. Shared web hosting means that a web hosting company would have more than one server or computers that are constantly connected to the Internet that mainly run web server software. Examples of these servers are Apache or IIS that run multiple web sites, which are shared.

Then, there’s “dedicated hosting” wherein there’s a need for a full server dedicated to a specific website. This type of web hosting gives people more freedom and other options because it can be a “do-it-yourself” web hosting. Here, installation of own software is allowed. Dedicated hosting is reserved for large e-commerce type website and or for people who want to start their own web hosting company.

Lastly, there’s “co-located hosting” which pretty much the same with dedicated hosting except that you are the owner of the server and you will pay a certain fee for bandwidth and maintenance. In this type of web hosting, your server will be placed in the datacenter and will be connected to the Internet through the web hosting provider’s connection.

Those who are planning to get online jobs through web hosting, the last three types would be the ones that you should explore to earn money from home.

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