It is human nature to make simple concepts harder than they truly are. We are all guilty of it.

Let?s look at 5 things you can use to increase your online business in their most simplistic form:

1. Network: Make other marketers or individuals in your particular niche your friends by helping them out and then you can rely on them when you need help.

The logical question to ask is ?why is networking such an important aspect of business,? Well, there are three concrete reasons why networking is an essential component of a successful business. First, working from home leaves you sitting at all by yourself, which essentially means you can feel lonely and unmotivated. A friend or a group of friends can serve as your moral support system that guides you throughout the most difficult days and can offer you advice.

Secondly, you can find help quickly. For example, you may be having a heck of a time formatting that ebook or getting that widget to cooperate with you. Just call up a friend who is an expert, and your problem is solved.

Lastly, Promotional purposes. Just think about where a business would be without friends. They spread the word and get your products or services into the minds of others they’re in contact with. Next time you get 5-10 emails from your friends promoting one of your products you can undoubtedly conclude that you have done a good job networking. Remember, business is all about growth and that mean spreading the word and pushing your ideas.

Build a list. This should not be too surprising to hear. A bigger list means you have more promotional opportunities. If you do not already have a list then get working right away – Like right now!

3. FOCUS. In today’s business environment the lack of focus is just pitiful. Just when things get rolling or when there is a minor bump in the road people tend to completely lose focus on what is important. So please just STAY FOCUSED. This will play a significant role in your success.

Remember, slow and steady does not necessarily have to be the same as staying focused. Staying focused just means that a task is completed and that the primary goal is not neglected.

People constantly jump ship when things get tough and begin a new task because they don?t have the discipline and then ask ?why am I not successful,? Seriously! Isn?t it obvious,

As previously mentioned the key is to pick just ONE task. For some, this might be rather difficult, which is why It is probably a good idea to remove all distractions, create a work schedule, and be fully engaged in that particular task.

The mindset that will help you make this easier is as follows:

More focus=more money

4. ACT. This should be rather obvious, but many men and women fail to realize that they simply need to create a goal, create action steps to reach that goal, and then follow through with those action-based steps.

5. Produce! Just think about this for a moment. Is someone more successful if they buy lots of products or if they PRODUCE lots of products,

This can be better understood by thinking about 1 product versus 100 products. If you produce 100 products, you will likely have some products that flat out fail, but that is a good thing because it allows you to get an idea of what people want. In addition to that, a few of those 100 products will indeed be successful, which will help your business recognition and overall growth. So do not be afraid to take a leap of faith.

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