As online marketers, we have a tendency to convey information in the ?how to? form quite frequently. For example, ?how to make a product,? ?how to use social media,? etc?

This same principle applies to virtually all other niches as well. For example, ?how to grow bigger tomatoes,? ?how to make tastier casseroles,? etc?

Information-oriented businesses thrive on this type of material. However, you are going to need to stretch far beyond the basic ?how to? material if you want to be remembered by your visitors and customers. In other words, you need to explore different methods of writing, speaking, and overall delivery if you want to remain in your audience’s minds.

So the question is ?what do people remember,?

1. Stories: This is perhaps the most obvious choice next to the ?how to? method of delivery. By telling a story, it keeps the audience engaged and creates a very specific example that is unique to you (your content).

2. Humor: Something that everyone remembers is humor. Even if they are not actually absorbing what you are trying to teach them, they will certainly remember the funny part, which is good because they will once again remember something from your unique content. So definitely include humor whenever possible. You might be thinking ?I am not a funny person.? or I do not know how to be funny.? If you feel that way, then you should perhaps study a person that you think is funny or even analyze works of others on the subject. For example, ?How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers and Crowds? by Jan McInnis or ?How to Be Funny Even If You’re Not? by John Vorhaus).

3. Emotion: Emotional works are undoubtedly the most remembered works because they have a tendency to evoke thought from the reader and inspire sympathy within the reader. It does not matter if your feelings are positive or negative. Simply let the emotion flow in your work and your audience will be hooked.?

4. Opinion: Opinion is perhaps one of the strongest tools when it comes to engaging your audience because it will inspire a response as well as a group of support. Just think about what you remember when you read a newspaper from start to finish. Sure you might absorb some factual information, but the bulk of memorable information will come from the very opinionated piece that you either strongly agree with or disagree with. Remember, do not try to make everyone happy. Doing this will backfire on you and cause your audience to see you as ?fake.? Once you toss out a couple of authentic pieces that voice a strong opinion, you will see exactly what happens.
5. Problems: When it comes to engaging the audience perfect is boring. So do not write about your perfect performance on anything. Write about the disasters you had. By doing this, you will once again inspire a very strong emotional feedback from your audience. In addition to that, you will be taking advantage of human nature because humans have a tendency to remember the ?wrong? things much better than the ?right? things. You can even turn the problems in your life into a type of learning experience that encourages people to act differently or act proactively.

6. Inspiration: The average person is puzzled when it comes to putting out truly motivation content because they must answer the question of ?what does it mean to be motivational,? There is not an exact answer to this issue. However, the content should encourage some feeling of empowerment within the reader. That is essentially the key because it creates a strong connection between your content (what they viewed because of you) and their feelings/actions.

7. BE YOURSELF: In school and throughout the bulk of your life you have had to defend yourself and make others happy with your writing. This type of content is ideal for particular groups of people or particular purposes, but it comes off as inauthentic and boring to the average reader. When you write just BE YOURSELF and explain your points and feelings with regular diction, syntax, and emotion. By doing this, the reader will likely connect with your content and may even share it with those closest to them. The bottom line is that emotion, authenticity, and overall interesting material will have a tendency to be present in your life and in your mind. So when it comes time to express all of that do not restrict yourself. Let the content flow freely and you will be amazed at the overwhelming amount of feedback you receive in return.?

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