Instagram has millions of users, but do you know who the most followed accounts are, What do they usually post, How many followers do they have,
Read on and find out!

1.Instagram (85.41 million)
As of August 2015, Instagram itself still proves to be the most followed account on the app, with over 85 million followers from around the world!

Well, it?s well deserved, though. Every week, Instagram posts a certain photo from one of their many users, depicting culture, important issues, and sometimes, even oddities. This means they?re not so full of themselves?and they want to give everyone else a chance to be seen.

Oh, and of course, without them, the app really would not be around, would it,

2.Beyonce (40.51 million)
Who else could come next to Instagram than Queen Bey herself,

As you well may know by now, Beyonce has millions of loyal followers. Even dropping a new album without any promotion whatsoever earned her the top spot in iTunes just because of her followers? support.

She usually posts photos of her daughter, Blue Ivy, her husband, Jay-Z, her tours, her travels, and basically everything that makes her life fulfilling and inspiring!

3.Kim Kardashian (39.62 million)
Is it any surprise that the Queen of Selfies, and of Reality TV, is on the third spot,

Kim?s mother, Kris Jenner, used to say that it is Kim?s world?and everyone else is just playing in it. There is some truth to that, considering Kim has these legions of followers that live for seeing and liking her newest selfies, rants, and photos of her mini me, North!

And get this: In 2015, Kim was able to publish a book filled with selfies, mostly from her Instagram page. The book was called Selfish.

4.Ariana Grande (38.26 million)

Forget her donut-licking scandal. Ariana is still on top of the world, and it seems it will be a long way for her to get down.

With successful albums under her belt, sold-out concert tours, an acting career, and a quite controversial persona, the little girl with the big voice is surely making waves, even on Instagram!

Ariana, or Ari to her followers, usually posts selfies taken in hotel rooms and various places in the world, photos with her fans backstage, and snapshots of her current singles and albums in the work! In short, it?s every fan?s backstage pass to Ariana?s life?and that number of fans is certainly growing!
5.Taylor Swift (38.2 million)

And of course, Taylor is in the Top 5.

With five highly successful albums, worldwide tours, and an always interesting love life, Taylor definitely has people wanting to see what she?s up to.

She is actually one of the first artists who got on Instagram, and her feed is filled with enchanting, vintage-style photos of her cats, Meredith and Olivia, her friends?that are quite the definition of #SquadGoals, and occasionally, a glimpse at her relationship with Calvin Harris, too!

Get a hint

Take a cue from these accounts, and who knows, Soon, the number of your followers might escalate, too!

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