As the most important photo-sharing platform in the online world, getting the right angles, and making your photos look professional and eye-catching can really be tricky.

However, there is a certain trick that most Instagram users use to make sure their feed is filled with photos that will certainly make people hit like! This is called Flat Lay.

Basically, photos that are in the Flat Lay style mean they?re arranged on a flat surface, which makes for good photography. It?s mostly used to show what one is eating, her planned outfit of the day (OOTD), or to help others see what?s on one?s mind at the moment.
Want to master the art of Flat Lay, Read on and find out how!

A neutral background is a must

You really would not want your background competing with your subject. Instagram photos are not meant to be ?noisy?; they?re intended to be calm so they could easily get people?s attention. Try using a white rug, a wooden surface, or a plain bed sheet as your background.

Try making use of color palettes

Another amazing thing about Flat Lay is that you can easily make use of color palettes. Since you?re using a neutral background, your followers would easily see your subjects, especially if they?re under the same spectrum.
The color palette you?d use could also help them understand what you?re trying to say. For example, mustard yellows, maroons, and fire red invoke autumn, and candy-colored items must mean you?re giddy. Talk to them through your photos!

It?s always best to shoot in daylight

You may post that photo later, but it?s good to take the photos in daylight simply because natural light is most flattering. Do this around 9 to 11 am, and make sure to avoid extremely early or late sunlight so that there wouldn?t be unnecessary shadows on your work. You could never hide bad texture with filters?remember that.

Have Fun with space

This means that you have to try arranging your photos in such a way that they?d occupy a square, or the whole of your photo, without them being too near one another. It would be best to use your phone?s square setting. You don?t have to arrange them evenly; be creative, and just have fun! What matters is that you show each of your subjects properly.

Play with texture

Suppose your photographing some clothes. It does not necessarily mean they have to be made of the same material. For example, if you have a striped blouse, you could pair it with a lacy camisole, and a leather skirt. Add some Oxford shoes, a purse, and your lipstick, and lay them all down to be photographed. It gives a clearer picture of what you want others to see.

And, add a pop of color!

Try using petals, confetti, some glitter, old beads, seeds, and some small specks of color that you could use to add character to your photos. They?ll definitely come in handy!
Flat lay to perfection!
So, the next time you want to post a photo on Instagram, make sure that you use the flat lay method! It?ll earn you loads of likes, you?ll see!

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