Are you familiar with,,,,,, Tribet.Net, and other similar software on the net? Have you been a member to one or more websites?

These websites have been in the internet world for sometime ago already, the first one showing up in the year of 1995 and is called Since that day, online social networking websites have been sprouting from everywhere with a solitary mission: to bring people together in a network. It is also part of the concept to introduce one people to another by providing them with such ways to meet one another whether online or offline, depending on the website’s tools.

Being one of the hottest applications in the internet world that cater similar services to people of different age, be it teenagers or older generation, there are already high numbers of social networking websites that were now participating in the trend. But this time, the noble cause of bringing more people together through the networking concept was merged with intentions to business agenda. How this thing has happened? How does it started? Furthermore, how does business was merged into the supposedly networking of friendships?

First, social networking websites are basically another kind of search engine where people and relationships are the main elements. The concept is around the idea of building a network for the members. These websites mainly focus on the said concept but because there are a lot of people involved they become a target for boosting business sales.

It works because social networking websites can easily foster business and professional relationships, hoping of course boost in sales. Because the network is a string of people who knows one another, the concept revolves around people’s connection. To the business side of it, connection may mean referrals. The more friends/connections one network of a certain person has mean more referrals. More referrals mean more business contacts potentials.

Because of this concept, a number of business-oriented online social networking software packages were invented for the specific purpose. These websites basically work similar with those earlier mentioned social networking websites by adding more contacts into the network until the list expands to an ever-widening circle of business contacts. The main aim, of course, is to create trustworthy paths for contacting different contacts and increase business camaraderie.

How to start with the network?

Basically, the network would start by becoming a member to a certain online social networking business website. You will then have to create a profile membership which would usually involve stating your personal information, contacts, and others. After which you may invite other people to join your network. Expanding your network will continue by adding more people and/or by searching through contacts’ chain of lists for possible specific type of business contacts. If you see a potential member through another contact from your network, you can ask that contact to serve as the intermediary between you and his/her contact.

There are some websites who would not allow you to contact other members who are not a direct member of your contact. You can only reach that contact when an intermediary decides to do the favor by acting as such and sends your message afterwards. His/her contact may then decide if he/she will forgo with your invitation or not. On the other hand, there are also those that will allow you to contact directly other members who are not in your network and so these would not require intermediaries.

Joshua Shoemaker

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