Adsense is a wonderful opportunity for you to generate

additional income for your website. It doesn’t cost you anything

is the best part! Adsense is also very simple. You have to

complete an application with Google and be accepted to host

advertisements for other businesses. Then you simply add lines

of code to the html on the pages of the website where you are

willing to have advertisements. With that all in place, how do

you blend the Adsense Ads into your website so they don’t stick

out like a sore thumb? You don’t want them to distract the

consumer from what you are offering on your website.

You may not be aware of it, but you have a lot of say in how the

advertisements are placed on your website including the

placement, format, color, and style. There are many places on a

website to put Adsense Ads. Some prefer to place it on the top

of the page and others like the bottom of the page. Along either

side of the text for your website is convenient too. Since we

read from left to right, the right side is more common as it

will attract attention as the eyes move across the page.

According to Google Adsense, the most effective location is at

the top of the page because the entire ad can be seen. Often

parts of it are hidden when on the sides unless the mouse is

used to scroll over the information. This can be distracting to

the consumer and lose the effectiveness of the advertisement.

They also recommend using different colors for the ads to

differentiate it from your website materials, but to use colors

that compliment each other.

The format can be modified to make it different or the same as

your website. Some advertisement hosts like everything to be in

the same style and size to give a symmetrical look to the pages.

Others like to have their information completely distinct from

the advertisements. Both are effective so it is only a matter of

personal preference as to how you want your website to appear.

Colors including the background can be changed to make

everything work together well. You might have to experience a

little to come up with the right design you are happy with.

You want to blend the Adsense ads enough that they look natural

appearing on your website rather than appearing to be out of

place. If they don’t look natural they can be distracting to the

consumer. They also won’t be effective because consumers don’t

trust what doesn’t look professional when it comes to the

internet. This could be damaging to your own sales on your

website so pay close attention to this issue. It is a good idea

to ask some others for feedback on how the information appears

to them on your website. You should avoid placing ads to where

they appear to be banners.

Adsense offers you some useful tools as well to get everything

to blend. The Google Adsense Preview tools allows you to test

the layout of your website with the ads in place. This gives you

the opportunity to change anything that is ineffective before

your consumers view in over the internet. You can also contact

their customer support 24/7 for questions or concerns you may


To Your Success,

Joshua Shoemaker


Adsense is a great way for your website to generate additional

income by offering to host advertisements for other businesses

with similar products and services to offer consumers. You are

still in control of the layout and design of your website. You

have the ability to change the color, format, and style of the

advertisements placed on your website. You also get to determine

where they are placed. This makes the idea of participating in

Adsense advertising even more appealing.

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