The Internet explosion is not new to anyone. After all, everyone is hooked into the present hype. The roots of this internet big bang can be traced a couple of years back then but one can really tell how far it has gotten into. The cyberspace first started with the search engines which enabled the direct and swift processing of the researcher’s desired information. Then came up the messenger that allowed people from all over the globe to chat with each other. Next came the web cam that made the chatters see each other’s face. And now of course, who can deny the outbreak of the series of social networking channels via the net?

The Truth about Social Networking

Oh yes! A lot of people, both young and old are addicted to the internet. And they are all too engrossed into the existing hype. Just about how many millions of internet rats are using Hi5, MySpace, Friendster, and a lot other social networks? The social networking websites are becoming too adamant these days. Who would not crave to use social networking when in fact it is a tool that helps one get into contact with long lost friends and is also a good avenue of gaining new friends?

With the customization privileges allowed by these social networking websites, their profiles can thus be personalized and designed according to their own preferences. Plus they can upload tons of photos too! Social networking by and large transcends religion, gender, age, tradition, and demographics. Now social networking has no biases. It is practically for everybody’s use.

Social Networking as a Revenue-Generating Niche

There are practically several social networking websites popping out of nowhere today and which continue to attract distinct followers. They thus open doors for business-minded individuals. Web developers and programmers see this as a wonderful opportunity of getting rich. Nonetheless, they sell their services to these venture entrepreneurs and make millions of dollars out of it. Now these venture entrepreneurs have their own share of reasons for buying companies such as those concerned about social networking. It is because of the undoubted fact that they will get high revenues from these. Social networking websites allow advertisers to reach people from various population groups because they are basically placed in one reachable place.

The Danger Faced by Social Networking

People have been too familiar with social networking through blogs, Facebook, MySpace, instant messaging, email, actual meeting, and the use of the phone. Virtual social networking is in current danger of getting broken. Why so? Because of the primary goal of many social networking websites to bring billions of people closer and in touch with one another regardless of their actual proximities, there are certainly hundreds of social networking companies that come to exist.

The danger is that people start getting to be led astray. There comes the confusion as to which social networking website will they adhere to. At the end of the day, the social networking enthusiasts tend to be left confused as to which websites they started with or left or in which social networking websites were their friends still online.

If the real essence of the social networking gets left out or unused, then the real purpose and meaning of it all gets lost too. It all depends on how the social networking developers maintain and update the functionality and capability of their own websites.

Joshua Shoemaker

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