With the advent of Pinterest for Business there are now brand-new opportunities for any Business who wants to use Pinterest as a means of marketing and advertising. Businesses were already using Pinterest for marketing before, but now everyone can brand their business on a specialized account instead of their personal account. As one of the most used social media sites it cannot be ignored. The marketing possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Finding the right approach for your own brand might take some trial and error but most businesses will benefit from the following optimization tips.

Get Verified — By providing your URL for your website that is clickable that is only available if you verify your account you’ll add to the legitimacy of your business. Simply go to your profile and just follow the directions on Pinterest for Business to get verified.

Get Variety — By now you know that the more relevant content you have, in the most ways that it can be presented, the better your marketing efforts will be. Using a variety of different types of avenues from blog posts, article marketing, videos, and now Pinterest to help market it all will ensure your place in the business world.

Get Active — It’s important to realize that like any social media, Pinterest is after all: Social. It’s important to actively engage with others on Pinterest just like you would on other social media sites. Pin other people’s content strategically. Simply search for content relevant to your target audience that isn’t in direct competition to you, and share it. Your audience will appreciate it and those whom you share will return the favor.

Get Serious — If you don’t have an editorial calendar that you’re using for all your content including blogs, videos, article marketing, gets posting, pinboards and more then you’re not serious enough. If you want your business to succeed establish a schedule for all aspects of your Pinterest posting so that your followers will know what to expect and you’ll have a continuous stream of targeted traffic.

Get SEO — Fill out all of your profile with keywords in mind. Fill out all captions, descriptions and text with keywords that your target audience might use to find your information. Whether it’s the about section, or the captions it’s important to always think strategically about keywords and never forget who your target audience is.

Get Organized — Put your best foot forward on Pinterest like you would anyplace else. Organize your pins by what is most attractive and most popular based on what people see “above the fold.” Concentrate on that and the center where the eye travels for your most important boards and pins. Create boards that are keeping like content with like content.

By super focusing on how you present your business on Pinterest you’ll go far in creating an excellent marketing channel that will incite trust and loyalty — and not only that, be fun to create as it is for your target audience to view, share, and re-pin.

Joshua Shoemaker

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