I create lots of membership sites… and write membership plugins that I use.

One membership software in particular, requires you to manually edit every single post and change what’s called a “meta value” (who even knows what that is) and specify how many days it takes until that post becomes visible.

That’s ok, except when the post becomes visible, it shows an old date. But that’s the least of your problems. If you want to put a new post in the sequence, or change the order of your posts… uh oh, you’re screwed.

In other membership solutions, it’s even worse. Let’s say you had 100 days worth of content and you wanted one thing to be dripped out per day.

First you’d make 100 posts, that’s the first step. Then you’d have to create a different membership level for Day1, Day2, Day3, all the way to Day100.

After that, you’d have to go in and edit every post and check the boxes so that the first post is in “Day1” … the second post is in the “Day2” level… ONE HUNDRED TIMES!

Oh yeah, you’re not done yet. Then you have to set the sequential update rules so that Day1 upgrades to Day2 after one day, Day2 upgrades to Day3 after one day… ONE HUNDRED TIMES!

Congratulations, now you have a membership site setup where: You can’t insert a new post anywhere within the 100 days. You have to go through all those steps anytime you want to add any content. It still shows old dates on posts.

Or, you can do it my way… With WordPress Drip, it automatically schedules everything for you.


If your blog posts are spaced one week apart, that’s the way people will see it. Just like an email autoresponder.

They’ll see the first post when they join and then new posts, one per week, as they stay in the membership. It adjusts the date of the post so that the posts LOOK current.

You can arrange it in any way you want… daily, monthly, wheneverly… see screenshots of it right here: http://www.wpdrip.com?a_aid=newbiesos&a_bid=2606112d


P.S. On that page I’ll also show you a bunch of other features that you can get for a single payment.

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