It might be hard to believe, but the answer to that question might be your ?About Us? page.

Most marketers cannot believe that the ?About Us? page plays such a huge role in overall sales. The ?About Us? page has such a significant role in overall sales because it is the only the page that lets the customer into your life and your perspective. In other words, a customer that visits the ?About Us? page is more likely to buy one of your products because they either identify with you in some way or they feel that they can trust you.

You must have a page dedicated to YOU. It must have a REAL bio, photo, name, etc? More importantly, the content must read very smoothly and must be authentic. Some individuals like to say that a good bio is a ?short story.? That is a relatively accurate statement because a good bio will get the attention of the reader keep their attention, and provide them insight into your life, perspective, and overall goal. All of this is great for your business.

Do not shy away from photos. Spend as much time as it takes to find the picture that you feel represents you. You will more than likely stumble onto more than one on your picture finding mission. Feel free to just use those photos as well. You will also want to give your staff the same task. When it is all said and done, everyone should have a picture of themselves on the website. Even if you do not have a staff, you can occupy blank spaces with photos of you with your friends and family. Those are especially useful if they are linked to your bio in some way.

For example, a website all about woodworking should have a minimum of one photo that shows you working.

As previously mentioned a bio can literally make or break a person’s opinion of you. So the more authenticity you inject into it, the better. One of the most common methods is to share the inspiration that lead you to invest so much time and effort into your niche.

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