Satisfy one customer’s desire and that client is in the palm of your hand. Do this with 2 or 3 customers, and the potential becomes even greater.

Below you will find my list of ?universal desires.? Some points may overlap one another, but that can be expected when trying to identify everyone’s desires. Remember, this is not a list of every possible desire. This list is designed to identify the most common desires. When it is all said and done you should have boatloads of loyal supporters that are willing to do whatever they can to help you and your business.

The question everyone wants to know is ?How do I use these desires to my benefit,? Start off by analyzing the product you are trying to promote and asking yourself ?which desire does this product identify with,? After that, you piece together your marketing message.

For example, if you are marketing a top-of-the-line facial cleanser you can reach a larger audience by touching upon all benefits. Looking younger, being more confident in your appearance, etc? However, you should always remember the core audience. In this instance that would be individuals with acne, dark spots, and any noticeable blemish that makes them feel unhappy. In other words, mention all possible benefits, while emphasizing the specific benefits that appeal to the larger audience.

The ?universal desires? of YOUR audience:

Attractive Appearance: People always want to be younger, thinner, and overall more beautiful in some way.

Attracting others: Everyone seeks approval or some type of interest from those that come into contact with them.

Feeling powerful: The average person would like those around them to respect them and perhaps admire them for one or more of their qualities.

Peace & Tranquility: The overwhelming majority of the population will do anything just for a brief period of stress-free relaxation.

Time: People want more time for fun things and will approve of anything that cuts the amount of time spent on difficult tasks.

Acceptance & Praise: Initially all people want to be accepted, and once that is indeed achieved they want to be cherished.

Money & Savings: Becoming financially independent, getting rid of financial burdens, and overall being stress-free when it comes to finances is the goal for all people of all age groups.

Self-confidence: Tens of millions of men and women struggle with confidence as a result of both psychological and physical issues.

Happiness: The stress that builds up day after day can leave a person truly curious about if or how they will ever rediscover happiness.

Success: People want to know what it means to be successful, how they can measure success, and the actions they can take to become successful.

Food satisfaction: People are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they want to know what is right for them and how they can manage their consumption of both good and bad food.

Exercise: Both men and women want to feel confident in themselves by looking more aesthetically pleasing.

Relationships: Going through life without someone to love and being fearful that love will never happen is a very common fear.

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