Last month we virtually traveled to the future by fast-forwarding in our time machine. When in the future, we met with our millionaire self who advised us on the things we need to do between now and then. One of the pieces of advice we got from our future millionaire self is to set up a successful online business. As we travel back today, we hope that each one of you has implemented some of the lessons we learned from our wealthier and wiser self.

Today, we have brought you new lessons from the same wiser and wealthier self…and here are your new lessons.

1. You Are Fully Capable

If you already have two or three excellent products on how to make money online, you already have an investment that can help you make six figures a year. You may see this as a joke, but you need to believe in yourself and that you are fully capable of implementing 2 of the 3 projects.

There are many people out there that have already proven that this is true. You need to come up with a workable system on how to make real money online from your plan. Therefore, stop making big plans and start implementing the little plans that you have now.

2. Not Everyone Will Embrace or Like Your Plan

Be warned that most people will not understand your plan and might even try to hold you back. Others will try to discourage you and tell you the plan is not viable. Listening to them will be a waste of time and energy and will probably kill your motivation. You need to ignore them and continue doing everything in your power to make your plan work.

Some people will try to discourage you because they perceive your new business as a threat to them. If the people discouraging you or advising you against the idea are close friends or family, make it clear them that you are not changing your mind. You may also consider cutting ties with them if they are your friends.

You can rekindle the friendship once your business is doing well. In fact, at this time, you might have new friends because some of your old friends may be resentful of your success. Unfortunately, this is the sad truth.

3. Your Actions Today Will Shape Your Future
What you do today will lay the foundation for your success tomorrow. Choose your habits wisely if you want to make it in the future. Keep track of your progress so as to know whether you are moving forward or stagnating.

4. Get Busy

Many people spend a lot of time analyzing trends which can make them come up with the conclusion that they simply cannot make it. However, you need to ignore any notions that it is difficult to be successful. Ignore the fake news and make your mark in this economy as someone who simply decided to make it in the weakest of the economies.

By maintaining your focus, you will make it no matter the economic condition. Your progress may not be quick, but it will be gradual, and eventually, you will be where you want to be!

5. It?s All about Selling Something

To make money online, you have to be selling something. You are either selling a product, a service, a click, or something else. The bottom line is, you have to sell something to make money. If you are not selling something online, then you have no business. You have a hobby.

Therefore, 90% of your time should be in the sales process, and that includes expanding your subscribers’ list, converting your leads, and ensuring that they make a purchase.

6. Content, Content, Content

Applications, software, social networks, etc. will come and go, but great content will always work because it is timeless, regardless of its format.

7. Start With Multiple Products

Launching a single product may be difficult for you at the start because different products have a different success rates. Instead of having an exhaustive process of selling one product, have a simple plan for your main product and diversify by selling other people’s products. For instance, you can promote affiliate products beside your main product so as to sustain yourself before your product gains traction in the market.

8. Focus on Your Niche

Pick your place online and then build a solid tribe of people who are loyal to you in your niche – people who will say, that?s MY GUY or GAL when it comes to product X. Don?t worry about people who cannot fit in your tribe because after all, you cannot satisfy the needs of everyone. Just focus on those people who are interested in what you offer, and you will always be able to make an income online.

9. Avoid Buying “Stuff” With Your First Profits

That new car or new TV can wait a year or two. Right now, your business needs to grow, and for that to happen, you need to invest back in to it. Work the numbers. If you are investing $1 in buying traffic that yields $2, then you are doubling your money.

This means that you can invest more until the point where your investment will no longer double its yields. Therefore, instead of using your first profits from your new business to buy that new car, use that money to make your business grow.

10. Use Deadlines

Remember that your business is not a hobby that you attend to when you have free time – treat it as your business.

11. Don?t Take Days Off At the Beginning

In the beginning, give your all to your business. Focus on your goals daily without fail. Your business needs you at that time more than any other time. Avoid procrastinating simple tasks that take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Remember that it is not about the time you put in, it’s about how effective you are utilizing the time you have. There will come a time when most of your business will be automated. It is at that point that you will have free time to do what you?d like.

12. Forego Distractions

Television, hobbies, vacations, video games can wait a couple of months. Set a goal and a deadline and accomplish it! Ensure that you have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave any room for distractions. Try as much as possible to focus on achieving those goals and avoid slacking off.

13. Find A Mentor or a Coach

If you want to avoid pitfalls in your field, look for someone who has already walked that route and get advice from him/her. Yes, it might cost you money in the short run, but it will save you from bigger losses you may encounter because of common mistakes they could have helped you to avoid. Yes, you can do it on your own, but you will do it a lot faster with the help of your coach or mentor.

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