You have already completed the creation of your program, and everything is set. The sales page is well written and designed, you have come up with a striking headline, added the benefits in the bullet points, included various testimonials, and now one thing is remaining- the pricing.

How do you tell your customers the price of your product, When should you tell them, Should you hide it inside the text, place it on top, or just put it at the final point of sales process such that when they add the product to the cart,

Well, this depends on a lot of things. Value versus price, how the prospect got to your page, the nature of your target prospects, and several other factors.

If you are not sure of where and when to price your product, then here are several helpful tips that can help you out.

Discuss It Upfront

Pricing is as important as the features and benefits of your product. Therefore, the reason you cannot hide the benefits and features of your product is the same reason you shouldn’t hide your price from your prospects. If you feel that your pricing is an issue, explain the reason for that. If your product has more than one price option, then offer the needed materials that will help your prospect make the right decision for their needs.

Timing Is Important

Product price becomes important in two instances. First, at the beginning of the sales process when they are determining whether they can afford the product or not, and second, at the end of the sales process when they want to make a purchase decision. In these two instances, they are weighing the cost versus benefit of buying your product.

By placing your product price at the beginning of the sales process this will help you weed out those who feel that the price is out of their range. This will help you focus on those who are comfortable with your price. Also, if your product has a low price tag, let?s say $7 or $20, letting the prospect know the price at the beginning of the process will help them make a quick purchase decision.

When it comes to the final stage of making the purchase decision, contrast the price of your product with its value. If you manage to show them that the value outweighs the price, then you have won a customer. However, don?t think that slapping a high price on a product and showing customers the benefits is enough. You have to show the value of the product to the customers and how it will help them. Show them how it will benefit them and what they can expect from the product.

Answer Their Questions

Customers will always ask questions to know exactly what they are getting and how they will benefit from your product. They will ask what your product comprises of – if it has videos and how long the videos are, how many pages it has, how it will reach them, and so forth.

They will also want to know if you will stand by your product- is there a guarantee, How genuine is the guarantee, Can they trust you, Answering your customers? questions will help alleviate many of their fears and build confidence in your product and reassure them about the buying process.

Offer Reassurances

You can tell them something like ?Congratulations! You got in at a lower price.? The main aim is to reaffirm their choice that they made the best decision. You can also include lots of endorsements and testimonials once they have purchased the product. This way, they will feel assured that the product will work for them as well.

Show Them Case Studies

Show your customers some of the companies or people who have purchased your product from you. You can also show them social media comments about your product. Include testimonials throughout your selling process and sales copy. This will instill even more trust in your product.

Reaffirm To Them That Your Product Is the Real Deal

Don?t get tricked into thinking that once your customer makes the purchase, pricing is no longer an issue to them. It?s true that to many customers this is not an issue. But to some, they will go in with the mentality that they are only trying the product to see whether it will work or not. But in the back of their mind they are already thinking about a refund if it fails to work.

This is why reassuring them that they made a great decision by sending them
testimonials and case studies is a prudent thing to do. You can also give them tips on getting the most out of your product.

A bonus tip and this is a big one- send out several emails enticing them to actuallyuse your product. For instance, ?I hope you love our amazing eBook on how to make money online. Did you notice that on page 20 I revealed a technique of getting new clients easily using nothing more than a killer profile,? Such things will make your customer feel that they made the right decision to purchase your product.

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