Who wants increased web traffic? Everybody! Whether you’re an experienced online marketer or a newcomer to the scene, you’re looking for more traffic to your site. Traffic is the fuel that will keep your business running, so it’s of top priority. While the amount of web traffic you get is important, the quality of traffic is even more traffic. It really does you know good if you’ve got thousands of people visiting, and no one buying or taking the action that you desire.

Ezines are a great way to get increased web traffic, as well as more quality traffic. An ezine is an electronic magazine which is delivered to its subscribers by email either on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Some ezines are free to join and others charge a subscription fee. Either way, they represent a very easy way for you to reach your target market.

And you do that by paying for advertising space in an ezine that is sent out to members of your target market. Not all ezine publishers offer the same advertising possibilities, conditions, and prices so you’ll need to do a little research before choosing one that’s right for you. Obviously, you want to pick one as laser-targeted to your market as possible. You can do this simply by typing in a search on google for ezines or newsletters in your particular market, or by using a free or paid ezine directory. You want to look at the amount of subscribers the ezine has, the frequency that it is mailed to subscribers, and the advertising options and costs.

In general, the most effective ads you can do are called “solo” ads. This means that your ad gets sent out to the subscriber list alone, without and other ads or content, and with your topic in the subject line. Solo ads are also the most expensive type of ezine advertising but you can get them for as low as $10. Be wary, however, of a solo ad that costs very little and is sent out to a lot of subscribers. You will more likely get a better response from a $10 solo ad sent to 500 to 600 subscribers than from one of the same price that is sent to 5,000 or more subscribers. If it seems to good to be true, it is.

Before you place your solo ad, subscribe to the ezine to test out its quality and reliability first. You will also see examples of other solo ads this way.

Ezine advertising is a good way to get increased web traffic and targeted visitors. Start with just one, track the results, and stick with it if they are good. Once you start profiting, re-invest at least half of the profit into higher subscriber base ezines and continue in this direction. Remember to track and tweak your ads in order to really optimize your response rate.

Joshua Shoemaker


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