YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform on the Web today. This video repository racks up an estimated total of more than 4 billion views on a daily basis from its over 1 billion viewers worldwide. If you ask me, then that?s over 5 billion reasons why many businesses now use YouTube to reach their ideal customers and prospects to promote their content, products and services!
An Introduction to YouTube Live
YouTube Live is among the newest features of this video repository. Following the popularity of Facebook Live, Google decided to bring in its authority in this field. They probably realized that more users around the world go to YouTube to watch the video content that they want than in any other social media platform or video streaming repository on the Web. Google also knows that many local and global businesses of all sizes would want to take advantage of a live streaming platform to get their message across their target audiences from YouTube?s 1 billion viewers!
Through live video streams in YouTube, you can now eliminate the geographical and fiscal barriers of live offline events. Your target audience will also see the urgency in watching your one-time streams. This can significantly increase the reach of your promotional campaigns and drastically improve viewer turnouts at your live video streams.
Many of your ideal customers and prospects will also feel more connected to your live video streams than with any of your other marketing campaigns and strategies. This means more engagement and participation from them during your live events. This can in turn significantly improve your sign-ups, conversions and sales!
Step By Step Instructions on How to Use YouTube Live
There are basically 2 types of YouTube Live streams. You can either choose to go Live instantly by selecting STREAM NOW, or choose EVENTS to have a better control of your broadcast. Here are detailed steps on how you can start using YouTube Live today and interact with your audience instantly:
1. Check the Status of Your YouTube Channel
To use YouTube Live, you should have a YouTube channel that has been successfully verified by the YouTube team for live streaming capabilities. Your channel shouldn?t have any restrictions or limitations associated with live video streams. Once these things are out of your way, you can then proceed to the next step.
2. Download & Set Up Your Encoder
Before you can do Live Broadcasts in YouTube, you need to choose and download encoding software. This tool needs to access the microphone, video camera and other applications in your device, in order for this software to retrieve relevant data from your device and broadcast it on the Web. There?s a wide variety of encoders on the Internet, but the following are the top picks of many YouTube Live hosts:
* AirServer ? This encoding software is compatible with MAC and Windows computers, and also with Android and iOS devices. By using AirServer, you?ll be able to mirror your screen?s activity without too much trouble.

* Mobile Capture ? This encoding software is specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. Through this encoder, you?ll be able to use your mobile phone for your live broadcasts in YouTube.
* GameShow ? This software is among the top 3 most downloaded encoding software this year. GameShow enables you to customize your live streams and gives more control over your live video broadcasts.

3. Enter Relevant Details in BASIC INFO Tab
This is where you can assign captivating titles to your live video streams. The other details that you enter in this tab can also help YouTube to identify which group of audience should be able to know about your broadcasts.
4. Optionally Use the Fan Funding Card
You can take advantage of the Fan Funding Card to earn some money for every live video stream that you make. This can allow you to cover some of the costs incurred in creating and promoting your live video feeds.
5. Add Game Titles
If you are planning to broadcast a live tutorial for the hottest video games today, then you should add the game titles to the details of your live video stream. YouTube uses this information for their search algorithm, which means your target viewers will be able to quickly see your live video streams in YouTube?s results index for relevant search terms.
6. Set Privacy Settings
If your live video stream offers general content, then you can set Privacy Settings to PUBLIC. If you wish to limit access to your live video broadcasts to a select audience of your choosing, then you should choose UNLISTED or PRIVATE.
7. Set Broadcast Quality
There are two options for broadcast quality in the STREAM OPTIONS tab. If you select Low Latency, then your viewers will be able to view your Live Video no matter how strong or weak their Internet connection is. On the other hand, if you choose Highest Quality, then viewers with slow Internet connection might be unable to watch your videos.
8. Start Your Broadcast
At this point, you?re now ready to start your Live Broadcast! Keep in mind to interact with your target audience through the live chat feature in YouTube Live during your video feeds.
Tips & Advice to Improve Your YouTube Live Video Marketing Campaigns
The key to making an effective YouTube Live Marketing Campaign is by knowing your target viewers well. If you really know your target audience and their interests, then you?ll be able to decide on the best content to serve them and which points to emphasize during your live video streams. By focusing on these strong points, you can captivate your ideal customers and prospects right from the start of your YouTube Live streams.
Your videos should be as quick and simple to understand as possible. Aside from grabbing the attention of your ideal customers and prospects, your live video streams should also entice them to keep on watching and also compel them to participate and engage with your content. Many viewers lose attention when video content begins to be too complex for them to comprehend. Besides, the main objective is to instantly send the right message to the right audience, right,
Lastly, interact with your audience and be open to suggestions. Your audience will feel more satisfied if you?re willing to answer some questions related to your videos. Through this, you can establish mutually beneficial relationships with your ideal customers and prospects through your YouTube Live video streams.

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