started it all. Yes, no other than started the boom of the social networking site and from then on a lot other social networking sites and names have surfaced. There are already countless of social networking websites that linger in the online world of cyberspace. primarily got people connected with people whom they haven’t seen for the longest time and also allowed them to build new friendships from complete strangers. True indeed, several fruitful relationships have been rewarded to deserving people via the social networking site.

News of the death of the progress which together with many other social networking sites have previously enjoyed have reached individuals who are left in awe regarding the real score of its constant death. They say these social networking sites are slowly drifting away from the scene and dying too! What has happened? Why such a fuss? What caused these sudden troubles?

Everyone is aware of the continuous rise of the different social networking sites that tremendously compete with the pioneerÂ? Blogging has been a part of social networking site’s income generation scheme. But then due to the rise of other competitors such as the Yahoo 360 beta,, and many others, the original hustler in the field of social networking has toppled over.

Many are greatly affected. A lot of active participants are left in a daze. What is really wrong with the social networking sites?

The Real Trouble Faced by Several Social Networking Site

They may have dominated the online market for a while. But experts are close to specifying the real score.

The social networking sites are said to have lost the juiciness of their features. They have become stereotypes. Most say that there are no longer great things to watch out for. It is just like going on a kiddie party when all you expect is spaghetti as the main menu.

Visiting the social networking sites is time-consuming. Most of these sites require the visitors to enter some verification codes and a lot of updating the status. Such course of action seems to become boring and a little less exciting. The blogs are obviously doing good since they are much personally focused and self-expression oriented.

The traffic requires more than enough. As much as the social networking site administrators would want to contain their avid visitors in their realms, the truth cannot just be denied. There are plenty of websites in existence and most of the members of are also active members of other social networking websites. The advertisers have also gone much sophisticated and smarter too! They go for the content-rich websites to ensure that more interested individuals pay the website a visit.

Messages are prompted via the email addresses of the social networking site members. So, one’s mailbox usually ends up being bombarded by emails from complete strangers. And this gets totally irritating. Another is the escalating polluting of the youngsters’ minds and the threats posed on them.

Most practical people see that spending more than enough time for Friendster social networking site is a total waste of time. Thus, leaving a person totally unproductive. Little do they place concern on the possibility of profitability via these social networking sites. That is why, many experts conclude that the Friendster and a lot other social networking sites are getting closer to their dooms.

Joshua Shoemaker

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