Why is it that Facebook has became an instant hit to may people, whether the young and the matured ones? Well, aside from the many exciting and interesting interfaces, applications and features, the Facebook games are definitely an attraction to almost all people of all walks of life. They are so effective that many people have been using the Facebook online games as past time habits and ice breakers.

How many people around the world wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is grab their computer to check their Facebook account? And how many more of them check their account just to see how their farm in Farmville or Farmtown is growing, or how is their gameplay in Mafia Wars doing, or what are needed in their Caf World or Restaurant City or what changes have happened while they went offline for the night to sleep?

There are many reasons why people around the world and from different facets of life turn to Facebook games to entertain themselves. But the truth is it is more than entertainment that they are after. The relief they get from the online games and the addiction they have come to love everyday break the ice that they regularly interact with in their daily life. Whatever is their reason, one thing is for sure the network site’s games are simply addictive and definitely no-nonsense or not no-brainer online games.

If you are an addict Facebooker, it will be easier for you to find out why there are many people hooked with the applications. There are many games available and in which different types of individuals find one or more applications suit their wants. There are endless choices and the variety is more than enough for the people to browse through.

Some of the most popular games include the Mafia Wars, Caf World, Bejeweled Blitz, Pet Society, Bowling Buddies, Farmville, Farmtown, Restaurant City, PlayFish, Brain Buddies, Who Has The Biggest Brain, Geo Challenge, Word Challenge, among many others. The surprising thing is that these games do not just cater to a particular crowd because both men and women find themselves addicted and just love checking their Facebook account to see their game account at the same time.

Age also did not become a barrier to enjoy the online game applications because practically everyone is using them, whether they belong to the matured or the youngster category. Another reason why Facebook games are excellent online game choices is the fact that you can play them by yourself or with your other friends. While you are playing, you can challenge other people by sending them your high score and challenging them to beat you.

The exciting part is when you are beaten by your friend and then you do another round to beat them. The heat of the challenge even arises as more and more of your friends take it and try to beat each one another. The mind games in particular are great choices as they try to squeeze your mental and analyzing capacity.

Somehow, it is through these games that you discover how much you are intelligent on a particular aspect or how much skillful you are on a certain facet of intelligence in you. It is easy to find out how many people, and more and more individuals everyday, are so addictive to Facebook games and continue to discover many more applications that come up as the days went by. If you are new to Facebook, you have many to discover for yourself. So be prepared to be entertained to the fullest!

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