I bet you know that Facebook is the number one in terms of popularity among the social networking sites available in the internet. Yes, millions of people worldwide using the Internet service and of course, its wide array of popular past time competitions are being linked and staying connected by Facebook. These Facebook games have really made a significant contribution in keeping distant families together. Families, friends, and other people far apart from each other now adore the wonderful service that Facebook does by bringing them closer together, every second of the day.

Socializing Is Not Merely Talking: Playing Is Another

The social networking site Facebook is not merely a venue for meeting up with your old friends or family members. As a matter of fact, you can even socialize with your friends and relatives; however distant they may be. There are just countless Facebook games you can play online. And what is more, these applications are totally enjoyable and all for free! Here are just a few examples of the various games you could possibly expect playing in the social gaming offered by Facebook.

Flixster Game

With about 6 million people all over the world playing this game about what’s hot and what’s pass in movies, it has become the leading movie sharing networking community online. If you are the type who is always curious about the clothes Hollywood actors and actresses wear during Awards Nights, then this game is the one for you. Or answer trivia questions as to how a particular lead character died in one particular movie? Some piece of advice though, if you do not have much time to spend for playing, do not dare try this game. Otherwise, you might have a hard time balancing and prioritizing which things you first have to do while online.

Ant City Game

This is a fascinating and humorous game, actually. Imagine using a magnifying glass as your equipment to hunt for some victims; after which, you are compelled to hold down the left mouse button to put the victims on fire. Would you ever really want to try doing that, burning people through the use of a magnifying glass?

It may sound like it’s a crazy game, but you would be surprised to find out that there are just millions of people playing this Facebook game regularly while doing their social networking at the same time. Imagine seeing the victims vaporize into thin smoke after being set ablaze and eventually falling as ashes into the ground. Talk about viciousness, eh?

GeoChallenge Game

This Facebook game is quite interesting because it sets apart from other social games available in the various networking sites. You may ask, in what sense? Well, let me tell you. This GeoChallenge game involves facilitating a Pop Quiz asking significant questions related to the planet we live in. Questions such as; “Where in the world can you exactly see the Mediterranean Sea?”. Or if I plan to go to Afghanistan, how will I reach it?”

Also, there are games related to identifying flags of various countries such as asking you to match the flag of a particular country and identifying each location of countries as well as the cities. Surely, all these Facebook games are a way of entertaining people online No wonder so many users have not only been passionate in playing but have gotten addicted already to this totally new and yet favorite concept of social gaming.

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