You can always make more money if you take the right actions and have the right mindset. Six figures is certainly a realistic goal, and seven figures is a lot closer than you probably think it is.

1. Get serious about making money. Everyone seems to think that things will somehow magically go their way or that they are entitled to some type of special deal because of their hardships or their good intentions. That is just not the way things work at all unless you hit the lottery. More people tend to believe they have better odds of hitting the lottery than they do trying to make six or seven figures, which could not be farther from the truth. Just focus on the goal non-stop and the steps that need to be taken to make it happen.

2. Set money goals. Do you want to make $200,000 in the next 12 months, If you do, you certainly need to make goals and work toward those goals year-round. For example, $4,000 this week could be the goal, and if you only work five days, you would need to make $800 each day. The idea is to set goals that are attainable as well so do not set a 2 million dollar goal if you know you are struggling to make $2,000 per week. You might struggle with the previously mentioned goal of $800 per day. That is no problem. Just adjust the goal accordingly and make it realistic before you begin working toward it. You will find that it is much easier to earn just about any amount of money, no matter the amount when you set your mind to it and continually strive to achieve that goal.

3. Value your time. If you are earning $200,000 a year with an average of 40 hours per week, then you are making about $100 per hour. Always keep that number in mind and use it as a reminder when you are going through each day. For example, if you are playing a video game or watching 20 episodes of a TV series, you have to ask yourself ?is this a good way to use my time,? If you honestly feel that it is then you should keep doing it, but if you answer that question with a ?no? then you should do something more productive that is indeed worthy of your time.

4. Finding the right time. Everyone is different when it comes to productivity because everyone is very different on a biological level. For example, you might find that 2:30 a.m is the time when your body tells you to wake up and begin the day. However, another person in your same profession might find their most productive time to be 2:30 p.m. Experiment with the time that you feel the most productive and then use that time wisely by cutting out all of the possible distractions. (phone, email, etc?)

You can also maximize productivity by combining certain activities or learning to think a little outside of the box. For example, drinking coffee in the morning might be an excellent time to check emails and get everything moving. On the other hand, you can make wise decisions like choosing to call a client on the phone rather than meeting with them in person. If you save time while maintaining a good business relationship with a customer, then it is a win-win.

5. Outsource. You cannot do everything yourself 100% of the time and trying to do so will result in absolute chaos. Learn to rely on others when it comes to website building, posting in forums, writing, sending tweets, and other activities that do not necessarily require your specific skills. In other words, rely on other men and women to use their talents so you can focus on what matters and what will allow for significant progress to be made. Working ON your business as opposed to IN your business is the idea that keeps things moving forward and keeps clients rediscovering ways to invest their money and love your company as a whole.

6. Keep swinging with determination. A huge problem for everyone, especially internet marketers is they either focus their efforts on too many things at once and fail to adequately manage all of them or they are scared to branch out and pull some of their eggs out of the one basket they have going for them. Just imagine a batter that strikes out, loses their focus, and starts swinging with less confidence and might. Of course they will hit, but the ball will no longer be a homerun and they might of just cost the team an ?out? because the ball didn?t go far enough. The same applies to the topic at hand.

Set a goal, create step-by-step instructions that make the goal attainable, and keep pushing until you reach that goal. You will find that things do not go your way or that things end up unfolding in the exact opposite of the way you planned in your head, but that is just the way life works. Do not get discouraged. Keep pushing forward with just as much determination and might as you did before the plan was compromised and strive to be a batter that follows the ?swing for the fences? mindset and gets the ?grand slam? despite their hitting percentage.

7. Do not be afraid to charge more. Many men and women are unaware of the value of the product or service they are offering, and their profits are greatly reduced as a result. For example, a $10 info product can almost always get a significant price bump that doubles or perhaps triples the initial price. After exploring that route, the power of bundling similar products together can be introduced. Bump the info product up to $30, combine it with a video priced at $50, and offer a $10 discount on the info product for a total $70 deal that makes the customer feel they are getting a great deal. There is no need to waste your time trying to sell every person from all over the world if you just bump prices up and begin focusing on different pricing variations and the success each one has.

8. Make the ?old? not so old. Another problem that consumes countless hours of very talented individuals time and leaves them wasting tens of thousands of dollars worth of their time is creating. Creating is never very easy, and it is what keeps a business flowing. On the other hand, evaluating the validity or usefulness of content and saying that content from the past is ?old? or ?useless? means that more time has to be spent creating. The potential of the business is sometimes lost because of this failure to see that the content already on the table is still good enough to be marketed. So what do you do, All you have to do is restructure the old content and release it for customers. For example, blogs, interviews, etc? can all be used strategically to allow the clients to receive their daily dose of fresh information.

9. Specialize. One thing that continues to suck the life out of some of the most talented men and women is their inability to focus on one thing and realize how good they are at the one thing they focus on. For example, a business that teaches brand new businesses the ins and outs of marketing will make a small fraction of the profit that a company showing just dentists and orthodontists how to get more clients through internet marketing does. The same goes for doctors as well. Being a specialist that does one thing better than everyone else has the potential to make the previously mentioned two million dollar goal seem like peanuts.

10. Love your customers. Nothing is better than repeat clients who continually look for new ways to invest in you, while also sharing the word about how ?great? you are with everyone they come into contact with. The trick to getting hundreds and maybe even thousands of loyal followers to do that on a daily basis is simple. You must treat every new customer no matter how small their investment is or how much they annoy you as if they are the most important thing in the world. Doing this will not only encourage that customer to spend more immediately, but it will also inspire that customer to feel special and further the relationship between you two. Keep in mind that you never know who you are dealing with until you treat them like gold and receive tens of thousands of dollars in return.

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